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  1. nice SYN shirt I can't believe you guys actually know about syn I thought it was more of a east coast thing proud to represent the homegrown state from SYN NC all day SYN was my first water pipe

  2. he would have to smoke 2x his body weight to overdose, which is impossible. so your dad never died from it, its the safest if not one of the safest drugs you can ever do. it has benefits anyways and is used for medical reasons, and if it was harmful it wouldnt be a medical substance. so you're a moron.

  3. they werent always on med though, on one of their earlier wake and bake wednesdays, they talk about run ins with the law. theyve never been to jail for it, but theyve been arrested and sent to an addiction class lol.

  4. @TheCCC420 Whats sup brah, props on the videos and reviews. Amazing glass peices and amazing flowers and concentrates. What was the first intrumental after Dre ? i know that beat just was unsure, would be dope if you could get back to me. Props again and cheers from Canada G.

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