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  1. Cali trip in May from videos I have been watchin noone hyping up the bud. What's the best company for flavor. I want some straight gas if I'm coming all the way there. We got some gas in PGH

  2. Hey man i just wanna say that right now im down in my luck and for as long as ive been watching you uve done nothing but come up every day and grow as a person id kill to be as successful as you so ig what im tryna say is charish what you have now cuz your blessed continue to grow man we all support you and happy birthday stay lit💨💨

  3. Mexican parents- Come here mijo let me ask you something do you have any more weed.
    Asian parents- Fuck my mom threw away my weed and my pipes shiiiit. See the difference that's why I hate being Filipino.

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