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  1. Does anyone know how to take apart the battery section where the button is on this? My button got pushed in and would like to fix it. I asked boundless and all they told me was "well we sell replacement batteries, which I have not found on there site. Please help

  2. You should do more edible I know u basically ate some much thc pills that u did the most with edibles but I think it funny when one does kick in at works plus you can never know to much … and in July going to Colorado would like to see what's good to get that's high cbd and low thc edibles …p.s I know you don't live in Colorado but yea….sorry for the rant …yea more edibles videos lol

  3. StrainCentral (Cannabis Reviews and Smoke Sessions) Where Is My Shirt Bro?!?!?! I've Been Waiting Over A Month?!?! This Is Bullshit! Paid $32 To Get Ripped Off! Josh Is A Thief!!! Send My Shit!!

  4. Review the Vapenator Vaporizer. I'm in love with that thing. No large clouds though, since it's a vape on one hand and only for dry herbs on the other hand.

  5. I know that this is a weird question to ask, but my glass bong broke a few weeks ago but my bowl piece didn't so i just put it into plastic bottles and smoke out of those. I switch out the bottle every few uses or so, but is using the plastic bottles bad for me because i doubt it that the smoke is hot enough to burn the plastic.

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