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  1. i recommend microdosing mushrooms, lsd, dmt, mdma, chocolate bars it has really helped me on anxiety, depression and ptsd🔝☝️look up that handle, he got shrooms varieties, lsd, dmt, ayusca, chocolate bar, cannabis and ships swiftly,a mycologist that guided me.

  2. If you ever go back to the Netherlands go to greenhouse secret farmer's, dizzy duck, cannaclub and fly2 in the Hague. There is less tourism so the prices are lower for better quality!

  3. Hey Drew, nice to see your prerolls, congratulation on that.
    Please get your Game right and f*** these plastic tubes, so much waste!!!
    Don't roll these Joints with your bare Hand and without facemask, hope you didn't lick them, but shure you spit on the Weed by talking.
    Gruss aus Hamburg, Deutschland.

  4. Hello my fellow stoners a quick random question anyone had any dealings with copycatgenetix I'm thinking about getting some blue zushie for 450 dollars a pack I know its expensive but can't get the genetics anywhere else iv also heard some bad things about the man behind the genetics any help would be appreciated 👍

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