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  1. Just back from Amsterdam 3 weeks ago, dying to go back back but stuck between Amsterdam and Barcelona for the end of the year. Haven't been in Barcelona since 2011 and never tried weed there

  2. Ngl drew your mods on discord banned me for sourcing when I wasn’t sourcing I was asking for friends. But because I said ‘smoke buds’ kane decided to ban me. I find this unfair

  3. As a wake til sleep smoker I reckon the £2 per g bud would make a great day smoke, then the £25 per g for after dinner and last J of the night when you leave half in the ashtray for a wake n bake start to the next day!!

  4. Love the content mate, here in portugal you could expect the 2euro one for about 7-8 a gram in my area. Weird question though i thought u had quit tobacco, saying this coz u got the pack of lucky strike on the table…
    Much love 👌🍃

  5. ive worked in albanian grow house twice in the past and let me tell you they add a big amount of synthetic nutrients to UK's weed.
    watered every day with synthetic fertilizers and at a way higher frequency than the packets suggest. just so yall know.

  6. I would buy the $2 a gram way more than the $25… but I'm in Canada and I get some fire, great tasting stuff for $100 a ounce.
    Truffle Cake that taste creamy and some Jack Herer That super lemony.

  7. 25$ a g sounds so rough lol I use to laugh at people trying to say 20$ a g back before med came to Oklahoma. I use to buy wholesale from the cartel coming out of Texas, if you buy enough it's about 2-3$ a g.

  8. Yo brother, hope all is well. I new it was something like haze, first look that's what I thought of it,like 'it looks like haze' , and when you said it smells like haze,my thinking was right,just straight up haze, .hope you its enjoyable.. I always was a haze person,be good be safe.

  9. Experience has taught me never judge weed by its looks – smoked some shit in Kingston in about..'85, 86, that looked like the worst mids you'd find in the US….that shit rocked my fuckin dome dude! Course, we smoked a metric fuckton of it through a Chalice so that mayve skewed it a bit, lol Question though – it looks like you measure good weed soley on whether or not its white ash, aka flushed correctly – is cannabis so bad in the UK now that you still have to worry about it being flushed properly? I havent found any badly flushed cannabis in the US, or India in over 30 years.

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