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  1. Did I just hear these guys say Chem D is an OG Kush x NYC Diesel cross?! Holy fuck!! The ignorance, the ineptitude.

    Do some god damn research before you start spitting genetic lineages. It’s a complete and utter embarrassment hearing that nonsense. If you don’t know, or if you got your information off any modern strain information page, don’t use it in a video because it’s wrong and then you look stupid.

  2. Do you guys cultivate all the flowers in your videos or do you guys just buy from the clubs and review the strains? I'm curious cause you guys have some serious skills in the garden if you grow all the flowers you review.

  3. My dad smelled ma weed coming from ma room all I did was break it up and grind it I never even smkd it he went mad I had to say it was coming from outside and flush 1.5g of lemon skunk down toilet to get smell away

  4. Chem Dawg D is not an OG Kush x NYC Diesel cross…

    All the chem dawg pheno's come from 13 bag seeds found in an ounce of the "original" bud…

    It's called "Chem Dawg D" because it was from a second germanation of 4 of the original bag seeds and they were labeled "a", "b", "c" and "d" and the "D" seed was the keeper and become the current day "Chem Dawg D"…

    It got the "chem dawg" name because that was the nickname of the guy that bought the original ounce and grew out the bag seeds…

  5. you gotta be wrong.. on a trip to chicago a few years ago I got some super bomb funk for 60$ and a gram of bomb hash for 60$ .. 120$ for both and both were amazing

  6. god damn boys I pay 60$ an 1/8th all day long.. for funk.. sometimes its incredible perfect smoke , sometimes its just ok bottom level funk.. now I live in KY so fuck a bunch of this non medical living

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  8. Chemdawg 91 is not NYC and OG crossed. People don't know this, but NYC diesel is the exact same strain as the original chem. But, the NYC growers changed the name to diesel because they didn't like the name chemdawg.

  9. not a bad review but i wouldve liked to hear specifically how the high compares to other strains as opposed to details of THAT specific batch. Things like how dense, frosty, or sticky it is doesn't pertain to the strain but rather that batch. Maybe add more details (like you did say) about it being cerebral/appitite/etc. 🙂

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