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  1. Even with all our faults as a country and as a society. I love my country. It's one of the friendliest country in the world. You can literally become friend with any stranger. We hug. We kiss. We joke. We help each other.

    Imagine what we could become without corrupt governments.

    Great video.

  2. I wish she was correct when she claimed that 85% of Argentina was of European descent. At one time that was true. Sadly, browns from all over South America were allowed to immigrate to Argentina and now Argentina is becoming a cesspool. It won't belong before you start seeing haitians on the street.

  3. Fernet is a typical strong Italian digestive made of herbs. If you mix it you loose all the botanical taste. I'm sorry but I cannot mix it with stuff, (coke) or especially wine. In Italy you never see something like that.

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