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  1. That's a lot of shrimp paste she threw into the sambal……… 😐 I will normally use 1/4 – 1/2 of it. It's salty and pungent, taste and smell pretty strong. So be careful using the shrimp paste!

    P.S. those are probably what south east asian got in their freezer lmao

  2. This is great, I have four lbs of galangal in my freezer, and a ton of shrimp shells. Don’t have fresh lemongrass, but I have lemongrass paste in the fridge. I might be able to make this entirely from pantry w/o going to the store! 🙂

  3. People are jerks, too much negativity. I totally have shrimp stock and coconut milk in my fridge. If you don't, then make your peas and tater tots, you don't need a cooking show to show you how to put potato gems in an oven. I'm having Laksa tonight.

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