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  1. Club 67 looks like the dispensaries we had in Cali during 2010-2017 ish…. after 2017 they all start getting raided, and the commercial clubs like Cookies took over…

  2. Hey Drew, you ever thought of going to the South of Spain? Review the CSC's there, and maybe day trip to Tangiers, and sample to hash? I'm planning something like that next year, thought it'd be a cool trip to see you do? Love your stuff man

  3. I saw you doing testing and what not, you should really try some of the good mid level strains, they will get you good because of the effect when terps and all are mixed.
    I picked up some 15% no CBD
    And it's been wonderful, I am enjoying it alot more than most of the higher potency ones I usually get.

  4. Just came back from Barca, and to two clubs, this was outstanding. Had some amazing flower and wish I was in Barca long enough to get some of the hash and edibles. The vibes in here were so good, super chill workers. We stayed right until closing (midnight) and they didn’t rush anyone out and were super chill. I loved the banana kush and the runtz.

    I would urge everyone to push for legalisation and safe spaces in the UK. I would love to be part of a movement/protest for this!

  5. A video about how to be a cannabis social club member would be appreciated if you didn't already! Barcelona is a great place to visit so I guess it would be useful for us! Thanks

  6. I only came back from barca a few days ago and Club 67 was the only club i needed to get a membership for after getting the full experience. The cherry gelato was impeccable and so was their banana hash. Big fan of their edible gummies too and overall everything was extremely cheap for the high quality of product you get, would definitely recommend.

  7. Went here a couple of months back of the back of your recommendation
    It was sick lovely bud fair prices and the guy who owns it is such a nice guy
    Going back for Christmas going to try cookies next but 67 is on the cards 💯

  8. I thought my experience with them was slightly underwhelming to be honest, I went there and honestly the a decent bit of the bud was mediocre. I bought a 3.5 of cherry gelato thinking see what their top shelf is saying and it was dripping wet? Paid 60 euros for a dripping wet 3.5 of ‘cali’. The only bud in there that I had that was good value for money was the gelato 67 and the bubblegum haze.That was stupidly nice for a cheapy but it was just a strawberry amo or a super silver. Personally I thought it smelt more super silver than their super silver did. I thought as a whole the barce weed scene is dead and I won’t be going back. I’d rather spend the little bit extra and hit the states. It’s just next level they have it mastered!!

    Hardly any culture there neither I thought, you can’t have a spliff anywhere without getting dirty looks and just feel uncomfortable. You have to smoke in the clubs and for me that’s just dead. The city is to big to be able to enjoy different clubs and also paying 20 per club just then inflated the prices on your weed massively if you’re there for a holiday. I’d go in and buy a few grams and think that’s not to bad price actually then forget it cost me 20 to get in there then when I added that to what I was buying it was costing me like 20 a g on average and honestly 70 percent of everything I seen was borderline brown.

    Edited to make it seem slightly less negative than it looked because I think I was maybe being slightly to harsh.

  9. I like this guy u interviewed, he just wants people to have a safe place, safe cannabis, in a safe friendly group environment. 100% agree

  10. Solid vid bro, so nice to see you platforming these nice clubs, they deserve it. Mans got the collabs with the pre-roll too, sheeeesh

    When you bringing the PurplePro to Bristol bossman? I wanna get my organic grown tested

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