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  1. If you want to try a unique land race try Nubian hash from Aswan Egypt. Its a indica dom. hybrid. Unfortunately I don't know where you can get it outside of the Nubian region of Egypt. Not to be confused with the Sinai strain from the Sinai area of Egypt — another great Egyptian land race. I'm glad you review land races like Colombian Gold.

  2. Cheers from Chicago! I've always enjoyed your vids when I saw them here and there, but just tonight started watching them all and subscribed, and I'm happy I did. You got a great channel here

  3. Che checheche cheeeeeeer! Smoking on Sour D, my personal favorite, higher than eagle dick! Keep the vids coming bro! Nothing like a a SC upload,a joint an a glass of orange juice to finish my 17 hour day

  4. wats up Josh,  hmm i havent had a sativa yet that i won't go to sleep on, i'll keep lokkn i wanna see wat y'all talkn bout must be my immune system shit i don't know haha, oh man that looks good, haha i'm having breakfast cheers 

  5. Ace review again josh. Making me want to plan my next holiday to Tacoma! I'll have to find something for the wife and kids to do while I'm enjoying all the prime meds you guy's have. Cha cha cheers

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