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  1. A pinky is a dead frozen baby mouse to feed snakes so a pinky and a half is one and a half dead mice , I hope that clear things up for you , thay come in packets like that Drew my man , I hope that clears things up for you.

  2. Just wondering is drew actually at a “real” cookies? Wasn’t burners brand an off branch and sold to someone else or am I tripping gas pack Fam lmao

  3. When you grow indoor replicate it anywhere else is very easy as long as you use the same plant same light and same nutes in of course the same medium which is coco I guess even if a lots of growers go hydro

  4. Whats everyones thoughts on white ash?
    I've always thought it was from hot & complete combustion.
    Do you really want to consume all the inert materal
    Apparantly chems/cal, mag can make bud burn to white ash

  5. Hey Drew just discovered your channel , I need some advice.
    I have been on anti depressants since 1998 and I suffer with Anxiety also.
    I have tried CBD with no effects , I want to come of the meds and see if bud will help me.
    What strain would you recommend .

  6. when u put a joint out blow through it to blow the old smoke out the joint so u dont have stale smoke hits when u relight ur j lesrned this from cigs keeps them fresher as well

  7. What’s the best social club / coffee shop in Barcelona in your opinion?

    I’m thinking about going to the plug , bxb or cookies, when I land in Barca.

    Let me know which one you think is best

  8. I think the problem with cookies is that you dont really know what to really get 🤔 of the menu but this video definitely shows what is good and what to go for . Can't wait to go and try 😌 🤤🤤🤤

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