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  1. Cookie packs go for $36 or less out here in Colorado and grown by Veritas who grows fire out here so I am happy with cookies but I wouldn’t touch any $60 or $70 1/8 . I been on best Colorado has to offer for $40 n 1/8 max and grams of rosin for $36 , new wave is the rosin syrup it’s amazing medication

  2. Yea I'm from the bay and been fucking with cookies since day one I'm going back to 2009-10 before the actual cookies location and at first it was some 🔥🔥🔥 especially that cherry pie

    But now it's all merch and the weed became a secondary hustle

    But I want you to hit up Debbie's and review their in house strains I'm recreational and it's priced at $25 an eighth

    But it only comes out to $24 and some change I tried that gelato high octane and sour cup cake

    Sour cup cake is some gas for that price point the gelato was alright

    But let niggas know like u said what's gas for $30 and under outchea 💯 lol

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