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  1. I once ate about a good 3,000 MG I had 0 tolerance to marijuana I was so stupid. Well one day I got home from work & was thinking about “how high I could actually get” because I was stupid and awfully bored after work. Note my friend warned me not to take too many because he knew I wasn’t a stoner. But I didn’t listen I took about 5 airheads each of them were 600MG I fucking DIED. Don’t ever try this if you don’t have a tolerance of edibles. Please don’t ever do this. The worst trip I ever had the floor was shaking everything was shaking All I could hear is my heartbeat go up so fucking fast. I never wanna ever be that high again. I swear to god I died that day. I was so HIGH that I got on my hands and knees & started praying asking god to not let me die I specifically remember me crying having a complete breakdown on my floor because I knew that I was gonna die begging to god to let me live. My whole body felt so cold & Everything was moving in such intense speed. Long story short I woke up the next morning so happy that I was still alive.

  2. Dope as Yola man I hope you see this I ran outta fucking videos man I’m here though found a couple more your giving me the vibes bro watching stranger things everything is just a vibe and feels so nostalgic man much love

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