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  1. They were drunk when they imagined this episode. Probably under Franks influence. I actually liked it; it could have been a hundred percent better if you had given out some actual recipes.

  2. See, the great thing about this series is that it's aimed at the entire typical audience of Munchies. Sadly, y'all are too conceited to get over yourself and the show mocking you. There's no doubt Munchie's primary audience is a bunch of "articulated," "high flavor profile," foodie, dorks that take food a bit too seriously. If you don't think this is a hilarious parody then you're probably just upset that a show made fun of your click and you're too hipster to laugh at yourself. This is funny because it's dumb cringey funny, which, if you weren't taking you're foodie passion so seriously, youd realize some places embody the ideas presented in this show. Just because you're some crazy son of a bitch who quit their desk job to pursue their ridiculous dream job, doesn't mean it's actually a good idea, it's just pretentious and excessive. An acquaintance of mine works in the service industry at the moment, but is quitting to start a brewery focused on reproduction of "authentic beers, made authentically." Like one of them will be recreated under the conditions of the Mayflower. Like the fucking boat. He's going to temp control the room and age the beer in specific vessels, AND rock it back and forth as if it were on a boat. Say what you will, that's pretentious af, and that's exactly what the show is making fun of. Lol. @ me if this makes you butthurt

  3. PLEASE don't do this again. I MEAN…. making it all fake is just not watchable. I WANT my food/drink reviews real, cause you know…i might actually want to go to that place one day OR make these goods at home. Just a simple review of any beverages or meals is good enough. Less is MORE.

  4. Look guys, it would have been ok if you did like one crappy scene in the entire video just to loosen it up, but doing it the entire video?
    People came here to see how cocktails are made, instead they get a cringy shitshow. You are better than that and whatever kind of collab this is supposed to be, don't continue it, it ruins your own rep. Show us how stuff is made, present it nicely, get a person with character so you don't have to fake a thing to put a smile on the viewer's face. You successfully did it before, why not stick to that concept instead of doing this? Are you running out of money or what?

  5. What a giant piece of crap. Literally unwatchable. Everyone participating in or around this instalment should be executed, their parents raped, their siblings impaled, their spouses quartered and their children eaten alive.

  6. I was more interested in learning about a master mixologist or a bar, but then it kept getting interrupted with awkward, unfunny bits about an ex-girlfriend or something, so I could not even finish the video.

  7. no really wtf… munchies i used to love ur shit … but this … god dammit … cringe fest. like some others guys said in the comment if it was mixed serious with fun i wouldint mind … but it was too scripted. this is not munchies.

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