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  1. The say it’s proper cali seen uk grown just is good is that don’t believe everything is from cali and they deffo don’t come in little tubs like that unless he’s got it in bulk and put it in his self and I’ve got bud now like that cherry gelato banana Mac is lovely is well

  2. Id loves to smoke it but I had to stop because didn't want to risk anything with my children. When its legal id be first in line to get some and grow my own. Helps me medicinally it really does ive tried convincing "(professionals)" till I was blue in the face they had none of it and put me on more tablets which prevents me getting a job in many areas. If this was legal in the uk I'd be able to enjoy my life again and not sleep most of the time because of side effects of the tablets.

  3. You need some Santa Cruz Blue Dream and Arcata Trainwreck! How can one sample “cali strains” but not have the two most iconic ones that were created in the state!?

  4. Man that hash looks good, wish my state fuked with hash like that but it mostly comes looking like keef still. I haven't seen a proper chunk of it anywhere. When my grows done in a few weeks I'll get to make my own, can't wait for that. Gonna do the roll and fold for an hour or so. I tried it with 10gs of keef and I got a good little ball back but I want to try with an Oz of keef.

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