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  1. D.A.R.E mostly just taught me how to get away with things. For example our officer told us that they usually catch drunk drivers by looking for people who are driving under the speed limit. When I used to drink and drive I was always careful to keep it exactly at the speed limit.

  2. Really dude how stupid r u they did all that shit on purpose it was like reverse psychology I was in school when they bought all that shit into the schools and all that really did was exactly where you're saying it just was there to make the kids curious and want to do it but they disguised it as a program named DARE to keep us off the drugs when they were just secretly and sneakily introducing us to drugs lol come on man u seen like a pretty smart man open your fucking eyes

  3. My late friend, and mother-in-law, was one of the folks who gathered the data on the DARE program in the 90's. The research showed that DARE was actually an abysmal failure and a fraudulent program that just enriched the departments. When our kids were forced to take it we were upfront with them that they were going to be lied to and everything they'd say was a lie to keep them in line.

  4. Man i never did this. When i was in 1st grade in Alabama, they did dare with the 2nd graders, but i moved to Georgia for 2nd grade, but Georgia did dare in 1st grade

  5. we had D.A.R.E. in my school back in the early 90's.

    it wasn't as corny as the shit you showed; but I remember just a lot of reading in the library and doing quizes.

    We were just little kids so it was just cool to have a cop in the library being friendly with us.

    I heard that they actually brought drug samples into school; but that just seems silly.

  6. Yep, brought out a giant glass case full of bunch of different drugs and said here kids here is what drugs are ' don't do them…😉😉😉. Great job homie! ✌️🌲

  7. That's funny coz I'm from the UK and in top school (high school) we all smoked bud. And one week we had the police come in with a see through box with all the drugs in. We were all like wow nice. The next week the same police came in with home made pipes bongs and weapons made in prison we were all like I'm making that pipe lol. So not only did they show us the drugs but how to use them too. Obviously as soon as school was done we all started raving and knew exactly what to look for 😆 😮 ps this was in the late 90s

  8. 3:10 cannabis and H both in schedule 1 – that classification surely led some potheads to H, thinking it also won't be a problem.
    here in germany we might get cannabis decriminalisation and CSCs next year, we'll see

  9. And this is why cartels work our system so well😂 the government is full of know it alls but scientifically they prove to be wrong all the time.

  10. when I was a kid, when people say drugs ruin people's lives, I thought that it's because they'll get caught and locked in prison lol. not because the effect of the drug itself. im not from the us. we don't have dare program. all we have was annual drug tests, some search, and just a bit of talk about what drugs are. i was always picked for the test and I was always angry about it because I didn't do any of it. i missed class, people look at me in the wrong way, I think that's where my thought of 'the law is actually the one ruining lives' came from.

  11. i always thought this was a dumb strategy.
    giving kids bad ideas.
    the news does it all the time too.
    they will have a story like, "Kids are getting high by using these common household items…."or "Kids are doing this dangerous tik toc trend, this video, which has over 6 million views……"

  12. It absolutely increased my curiosity. The possibility of getting fast cars and money without getting caught, because even at that age I knew they couldn’t catch every body. But in my dare book the weed looked so fun, no lie. It had a kid sitting around with video games and munchies. I remember the kid having a skateboard. They were showing this to a very poor trailer park kid. It absolutely made me want drugs and the lifestyle around it

  13. Man I didn't do any drugs until I was an adult. Cannabis is the best one of them all personally. I hate how cops tell kids all about drugs up till then they didn't know what drugs were. So yeah it's part of there system to keep the poor people poor. Never see Dare in a pvt or rich schools do you. Think about that.

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