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  1. If you're wanting to find a puppy online go to puppyfind.com. most breeders use this site. Puppyfind has both purebreds and designer breeds. There's a state search too where you can put your state in and see what's avail. in your state. You can go to nextdaypets.com too. If you're buying out of state and cant see the pup have the breeder make vet appt. for the pup you're buying and have the breeder call you when she's the room with the vet. Speak to the vet. Ask for a fecal to check for coccidia, and other parasites, ask the vet about vaccinations, if the vet administered them, or the breeder. Sometimes breeder's give their own vaccinations, but will send labled vaccination records with pup. I gave my own vacc., but purchased them from my vet so she always had records. The vet will check knees, gums, ears, everything. If it's a tiny breed like teacup yorkie, maltese, chichahua…ask if theres an open Fontenelle and have the vet explain what an ooen font. is. Good nees, bad knees? Make sure you get resukts for fecal. If the pup has coccidia then the travel is going to stress it out. Albon can be sent with pup. But its important to know if the pup has coccidia or not. If you buy from a reputable breedee they will have had the pup on albon. I'm saying this as a USDA lic. dog breeder that sold puppies online for over 20 years. Yorkipoos, morkies, maltese, chihuahua, shichon, malripoos…ask the vet about the breeder. They'll be truthful with you. The person a dog breeder sees the most is a vet. Most breeder's have a great relationship with their vet and the vet will stand behind that breeder if he/she is an ethical breeder. Ask for references and call them. If no answer call until you speak with them. Speaking as a dog breeder of 25 years just note that you get what you pay for. Those tiny teacup pups take a lot of work, hypoglycemia, hot pads, docking tails, removing dew claws, watching them nonstop…they're a lot of work. Sometimes even a c section or two comes along. So it really is a lot of work. They're not doing it just for the money as most animal fanatics think. Speajing with the vet while he has the pup in front of him helps a lot. Calling references helps even more. Shipping pup's is safe. I shipped for many, many years with American, Contonental…research all you can about the breed you're wanting, read up on open fonts, hernias, bad knees, off bites, all the genetic defects known for that breed, or size of dog. Ask if the breeder accepts paypal. Pay via paypal. You have buyers protection. Most breeders accept paypal. Speak with the vet, ask and call references, and pay via paypal. Oh yes, ask for photos of both parents. If the puppy is a tiny breed ask vet the pupoys weight. They can tell you how much that pup will weigh as an adult. If you're paying big bucks for a puppy then make sure you've asked as many questions as you can. Have them written down before you speak to the vet. If you find a dog near you that you want have the breedee make an appt with their vet and meet them there and speak to the vet yoursekf. I did this for my families all of the time. I even had a gentleman from New Jersy fly down here to Okla., rent a car and met me at my vets office. It was fun. We took picts, and the whole works. If the breeder won't do these things then do not buy from them. You'll probably get burned. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about.

  2. Hello, I am trying to get a cat and I was wondering what some cute breeds are and some good breeds for kids would you please help me suggest a good cat breed thank you

  3. A really reputable dog breeder will be raw food raising, and you will see quite the high quality because they are also minimalist on vaccines. We got a pup on-line from a local working cow farm. so we met the parents and the owners and saw the dog in the barn active among people and cows. We bought her because for farmers around here they breed for extra money but keep their dogs healthy because they work and we could see the socialization, we were blessed. Otherwise we go to shelters that can post info from a reputable shelter as well. We have done both. Following shelters online is a good idea too.

  4. Dr. Jones; When my beagle of 14.5 yrs. died of old age. I started looking on line. That's how I found Buddy 8mos. later via. Adopt-a-Pup. Buddy came from Ohio to New Jersey.May 1, 2015 after waiting for him to be fixed, chipped & approved for his forever home. That day he stepped out of his carrier I was so happy but not Buddy, he was terribly frightened.  He slept okay after his journey.  The next day he was quiet. After running away, a devastating experience for me.  We finally got together but he was hell-bent to prove to me, he was not my dog.  He needed patience & love.  Two years later hestill does not bark. Our vet. doesn't not care because it is not, according to her, a physical situation.  Today he wakes up ever so unhappy.  I am with him all day, everyday, and our home is just the 2 of us.  Every sound frightens him.  I keep talking to him and telling him, no one is going to hurt you here!  He's content to play with his toys,but he will not allow me to pet him.  To pick him up, makes him nervous and he will shutter.  He is so timid.  There is little initiative for anything but a desire to run awayagain into the woods.  He is smart.  Not my first dog at all, and I see he reacts to certainwords and knows some commands.  Teaching him is hard because he thinks any contact is to attack him.  He is definitely that timid.  He is afraid of all people & me too.He will show off like any normal pup when a friend stops by.  Immediately becomes introverted when a guest leaves.  I love him so much.   I've been told to keep havingpatience and I will.  But I would like him to bark, & show me when he's hungry and especially how to love and be secure.   What do you do for a very sad pup, that haslocked inside himself love, and smarts, but is so timid won't do through a door withoutand okay from me?   He is ever so sweet but we are both loosing  his puppy-hood andneither one of us is having fun.  He is so sad that he doesn't want to start a new day.Help, real help is needed here.  No advice has been practical.  Help, help, help.

  5. I got a pup from a family that bought him from a breeder, spent one week with him and realized the commitment was too much for them. He is a sweet, bright, patient Shorkie and I could not imagine our lives without him. The poor thing had been neutered before 6 months and the stitching had not dissolved. In fact it was so tight that it was bothering him. We took him to a vet the first week he came home. He had yeast in his ears, swollen anal glands and he was underweight. He was terrified of everything and I remember the first day he was here and we placed him on the lawn….he had never felt grass beneath his feet. Thankfully, he's had no other medical issues. Two months in our home and he's doing great.

  6. Humans are destroying our society. In my personal opinion, it is really disturbing the fact that animals are for sale. Now days, it is a very profitable industry and a lot of people are taking advantage of these poor creatures. If you live in an apartment they are charging ridiculous amounts in pet fees including deposit and rent FOR PETS!!! Vet bills are ridiculous as well. That's why I really appreciate your videos. I use your holistic advice before I take my dog to a vet office. God only knows what will happens to those who are taking advantage of pets for profit.

  7. THANK YOU for caring about the animals Dr.

    There are RESCUES for even speciality or certain types of breeds. Such as German Shepherd Rescue, Yorkie Rescue, Maltese Rescue, etc. who deal most specifically on full bred, but also have some mixed too.

    They all deserve to be loved.

    Many times, the mixed breeds that people overlook , are the VERY BEST & most loyal of all.

    Thank you again Dr.
    We appreciate you! 😊

  8. my sister in law bought a yorkie poo from a puppy mill and the puppy was so sick, but my sister in law said she felt bad so she bought her and ended up spending hundreds of dollars to try to make her healthier. unfortunately feeling sorry for the situation the puppy was in and purchasing it only keeps places like this in business. before I bought my boxer, I did tons of research and luckily found a reputable breeder that wasn't in it for the money and even showed her boxers

  9. so, I am interested in adopting A older dog from a local shelter. The ones I'm interested are five years and up . sometimes they specify that this dog must be an only dog . I am a little confused does that mean I could never get a second dog so he could have a buddy at home. thanks

  10. There is so many rescues that are certain breed they save. Look for that breed you want and type in your breed then add rescue and will show you which rescue has them. So many puppies and young dogs that are pure breed being euthanized every day

  11. There are always tons of yorkie and terrier mixes and other small breeds at our shelter. I feel so bad for them. Most are covered in mats. I wish I had a huge piece of property so I could save animals. I got my pointer at the shelter, and my other dog is an Australian sheperd/border collie mix. Also from the shelter. Even if the shelter doesn't have what you're looking for when you first look, just check back in a week and they will have tons more to choose from.

  12. i actually got my pitbull/lab mix (maybe a bit of boxer mixed as well) from kijiji
    from experience i can say i dont regret the adoption but he has a lot of surprise health issues and they seemed to have been abusing him using a cage not even as long nor tall as he was.

  13. This video is so spot on. l once bought a purebred cocker spaniel for $900, had him a week and he died of parvo. Please Dr. Jones do a video on Puppy Mills. I live in Wisconsin and the puppy mills are Rampant here. A big contributor are The Amish. There are so many good rescue centers for every type of dog alone, plus animal shelters around the world. If someone is looking for a specific breed they can usually find them online. If they're looking for a local area, check out the puppies Parents. If they are no where to be found, RED FLAG! Do the research. l got my last cockers for $100.00 each. And rescued animals are So appreciative.

  14. my lab is a she dog who is about 5 years old. help me understand why she does not allow a dog near her when I try to breed her? what am I doing wrong? I try it between 11 and 14 day and I check for swollen vulva still no results

  15. this comment is about another video on curing hotspots. I tried many things to cure my dog's hotspot but nothing worked. then I tried your tea leaf and asprin remedy and it worked. my dog is cured. thank you so much. I usually don't trust online remedys but I trust you.

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