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  1. Probably wont ever see this comment if you ever pull up to Vegas try the fruity pebbles OG cart from the oasis dispensary. Think that's crazy? This cart I always get taste like you're pouring fruity pebbles the cereal into your mouth.

  2. I'm hittin a Green Crack Bloom cart, not bad I like it. I like the haul videos, I order online but only been to one dispensory. I just got 350 bucks worth of stuff today, I'm digging in now. Getting baked bro. Keep up the great videos.

  3. It’s crazy how many of the same dispos are in PA that are also in fla… that cheesecake was dry thru the camera lol same here in fla BM flower smashes dispos flower smoke wise..but fla concentrates are def on the come up with brands like MPX..anyways yea that cheesecake looks outdoor/loop house grown? Do they tell y’all how they grow it in PA? another nice vid bro

  4. Nice vid kid. I Love me some DosiDo LLR Carts. I always get the Smalls or blades, it's 30 dollars cheaper for a quart, hell yeah All day. Rise is always lite on selection, it's a bummer, I have to travel a little more but Herbology, now Curaleaf had the best menu in my area, STEP IT UP RISE! In Meadville

  5. Where I am in Canada all anyone cares about is thc % when I go to the dispo the teller is always telling me what the highest % is and I ask about terpenes and it's like they don't know what those are. I've asked about trying delta 8 and they said "never heard that brand before"

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