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  1. I’m eating along I don’t smoke much,Just wondering if you have heard of a rare strain called tri Star,I have been searching for reviews of it and can’t find jack squatIf you wish to check the bud out you can view it now dispensary site called herbal bliss society out of Burnaby BC…Cheers mate and great review as always…

  2. I remember back in like 2011 in LA everyone had either bubba or grandaddy purp so newbies would try to be smart in a smoke circle be like oh this is that grandaddy purp lmao alien crack weed darth Vader OG and all ogs are probably my favorites though

  3. As someone who suffers from extreme insomnia, I'm sick of cannabis being illegal in my country. So far only one medication has been able to treat it at all (Phenergan) but I built up a resistance to it within a week. Fuck you, South African drug legislation. Fuck you. You're wrong and you know it.

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