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  1. The Audio is Terrible.
    Quit spitting in the mic, or try a filter.
    I would suggest moving the location of the mic off to the side,
    and definitely reduce the volume.
    There is nothing more annoying than poor audio.

  2. @asdf1459100
    yea i have a bad feeling thats wats going to happen to all the new states that pass the medical marijuana law
    its like yea marijuana will be legal….but u have to be dying to qualify

  3. in just one day my plant got eaten by ants or at least looks like it did it has holes and it lost the two plants across from each other and there is nothing in the middle is this normal or did it really get eaten by ants?

  4. Right, but those are predominantly something else, they just had the autoflowering trait bred into them from a ruderalis. and because of that they are going to be a bit weaker compared to their cousins like regular diesel and such. still ok smokes though. i took his question to mean more pure ruderalis

  5. Everyone signed up for internet web site petitions and sent letters to legalize this great stuff?

    If you do can the feds track you down and try to bust you if you are holding a joint of your fav medication?

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