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  1. Can you not just reupload all of these videos again? I’m sure most of us would re-watch them? Especially as Onion boy has done it several times on ‘new’ channels.

  2. Dude I think the whole thing is rigged because all the money is made in the first 72 hours of a new video. By restricting the ads and making you request a review they are saving loads of ad money. Think about it.

  3. Does it help if I play a video from a few years ago that you were asked to remove? It was the rant against that ex friend of yours Craig Dillon! If you put that back up you'd probably get a lot of views.

  4. Dude I smoke weed too, but your content is not advertiser-friendly. You're promoting illegal drug use and no company wants to be associated with that. I don't blame them because they have to maintain a certain image and they don't want their ads appearing on stoner videos.

  5. Hi Drew…Check out H3H3 Productions if you like…They are the ones who got sued by Matt Hoss, and they won!!!, He just posted a video talking about the same thing…and a video how celebrities can get major ads on "Tradgides"…Good luck…Maybe you could talk…

  6. Watching this made me feel a bit better that YouTube have flagged some of my videos for demonetisation – and I make videos doing make up reviews lol 😂

  7. Drew, when a video is uploaded, there are "magic hours" where fans view your video, share, talk about, etc. When a video is AUTOMATICALLY demonized, you miss all of those magic hour attention. Forget about the review. Most people are upset because of this. Make sense to you?

  8. Get yourself on twitch it's the way forward stream a game just leave it on start menu screen n chat away talk to chat they have affiliate programme. YouTube is dying too many want that Google Adsense moolah it has to crash some point. Or stream on YouTube n hope you get super chat donations.

  9. It is so they dont have to pay out on viral videos – everything is demontsd when they go up. Even blank vids no tags. Try it. As for the gay/trans, it is removing from existence in the streamlined version for skools in the non safe bucket. It also stops accidental beheading ad pairing.

    It is true the algo coff i mean real person coff review seems to almost auto reinstate: but that still stops anything from going viral for adsense. & possibly removed from search in the interim cf add paired content, bc (obvi) that is the revenue driver for YT.

    Im not sure it is going to get better from here. But that is a great call out for your fans. Gr8 idea. Stoners, spark up, hit a playlist, then mute & do something else. The 1k views in a wk pre review is a prob. I actually had not encountered that anywhere else yet.

    There is a permanent move away from small creators going on I think. You may be one of the last to rise from YT. It will be all corporate clips, & some scouting str8 to established labels.& any replacement platforms, who treat content creators better – Google will just buy. It is over.

    You know, or not. =) Still a gr8 idea to stay afloat w/i the system in case things settle.

  10. We got you Drew! I'll watch a bunch of your videos multiple times. Youtube needs to figure out a better system for Adsense. Its really killing the smaller channels.
    D-E-M-O-N-etized for sure smh

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