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  1. I like what you're talking about, never really listened to you but the 5 seconds thing and the illusion thing really trips me out, never really talked about it can't really be explained everyone says I swear they just think I'm crazy when I talk about death and seeing the future and mind reading ahha

  2. I honestly wish I would've seen this video earlier. I'm not sure if you still believe that this theory is true, but if you do, I would love to hear more of the "confusing" bit that you said you'd rather not go on about during the video. I don't know, man. I just find it interesting. (I realize this video was posted three years ago haha but yeah, still interesting)

  3. One time i was biking from scool to my house an there was a car comming it was goin realy fast and the moment it was next to me for a second i was hit by the car i fly of my bike and even before i hit the ground it was like i opend my eyes and i was on my bike en i just saw the car pass by and i went to my hous en it was realy weird srry for bad english

  4. There are some good movies about this story line dude

    Also think on this, everyone religious is waiting for the second coming and Armageddon and all that, but what if Armageddon already happened, say in WW1 or 2, or even back when the Roman Empire collapsed. So, all the saints and good people have already been brought up to "heaven" and all of us, you, me and everyone else here on Earth, we are the progeny of the people who inherited the Earth and there is nothing else coming, we are just living here in limbo  

  5. Do you like the tv series of FRINGE? It's almost about this throughs! It's a story about a parallel univers! If u don't know about that please go watch this series! It's so interesting and intricate! ūüėÄ

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