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  1. I'd introduce intermittent fasting with high protein diet of pure meat only. as cats were designed to do. it will increase galectin-3 in cats so will lower risk of inflammation and lower insulin and GLUCOSE spinning in cats system and trim risks of obesity and heart or kidney problems to super low. and I would start of this IF with an 24 h fast.,
    . YOUR CAT IS BEAUTIFUL. nice he is healthy again.

  2. How long before I can give my cat that powder after she was diagnosed and after her first shot of insulin.
    Where can I buy it and how much does it cost? Thanks for your time.

  3. Interesting video! My kitty is 9 years old and I just started giving her insulin that was caused by her IBS medication. I've always fed her wet food. She's recently been going through a slew of issues that's made her really underweight 🙁

  4. Do you think a cat needs insulin to get better. I went to a vet yesterday that told me my cat didn't look diabetic. But he went ahead and did the glucose meter test. It was 457. And gave me stuff to treat fleas and worms she no longer has. He said to come back in a month or 2 to check again. He suggested different food with less carbs. Thank you for your time.

  5. Hi, Veterinary Secrets. Thank u so much for ur view. It is helping my cat. Especially the nettle tea. Is ur fur baby with u & is he still in remission?

  6. Hi Dr. Jones l have a Maltese mix 6 yrs of age who was just diagnose with diabetes and I'm not to happy about keeping her on insulin. I've been searching threw Youtube for alternates and I just happen to see your video on taking off you feline from insulin. I look to see if I can find you supplement powder but can't find it. can you please link me the info so I can order for my dog. Thank you, Jeannette

  7. We have a 12 year old deer chihuahua with cushings. Her blood sugar has been perfect for two years. The vet insisted we get her teeth cleaned and I didn’t feel good about putting her under as I didn’t feel it was worth all the risk. Sure enough, within 30 days of the teeth cleaning she was drinking excessively, refused to eat anything then started vomiting. We brought her in to get her checked and were stunned (yet not so stunned), to find out she had a blood sugar of 615. Would there be any hope for her on the high protein canned food and the supplements? We’re desperate to get her off insulin but will do whatever is best for her. I don’t know where to buy the high protein canned food or the supplements or which ones would help her.

  8. Hello! My neighbors cat fell at my house. He had fever and peeing everywhere frequently. They he was diagnosed with diabetes. He had sugar level to 500. Ofc I only fed him raw fish as thats what I give to my cats and he doesn't like kibbles. He must've been fed rice bread and buns because he has stolen our pastries and breads before. So anyways he is with me now for two months and I haven't gave him any carbs. Only boiled and raw fish. But although his sugar levels are constantly fluctuating. He is still peeing a lot. My problem is he is constantly hungry. He asks food every 1/2 hour. Not just asking he pull a tantrum. He got very skinny due to his sickness and he is only skin and bones now. So I feel bad not to give food when he asks. I want to know how often should I feed a diabetes cat? (Fyi neighbors doesn't care about the cat. I send messages to them few times saying their cat is very ill. He almost died couple of times. But they didn't even came to visit him. just said ok. I paid all the vet bills which was more than my months salary)

  9. Hi Dr where do I buy the food? And your probiotics powder? And thank you and may God bless you. And thank you for caring about God's beautiful creation 😊😊🙌💞💕😇😇😇🙏💕

  10. You are awesome, thank you for your videos! I have a question. When you say carbohydrate, does that mean grains? My kitty I just adopted is exactly the same. She eats like a giant beast, drinks constantly, goes to the bathroom everywhere unless I barricade her into one room. Her poop smells the absolute worst. The vet diagnosed her with "skinny syndrome" and said it's either thyroid or diabetes. She is about 17 years old, and super skinny. I bought some grain free canned cat food. Brand: Blue Wilderness. Is that a good one you think? I also bought some Blue Wilderness hard food, but I soak it in water. I leave a bowl of that out at all times, yet she still begs for the wet food but nibbles that throughout the day and night. Does this sound about right?

  11. I never believed Herbs could be so effective to eradicate my type 2 diabetes until I Came across Dr Ogoh on youTube, afters 2 months of taking the Medication which I Ordered for. I got cured completely. With the love, care and Treatment from you doctor, I Really Appreciate you doctor.🥰

  12. My 11 yo dog suddenly got very thirsty one day and I took her in and they said diabetic ketoacidosis. Basically long story short no ER hospital clinic in NYC would treat her because her age + severity of illness = exorbitant money and they weren’t willing to try if I didn’t have funds up front. I was given insulin by vet and sub Q fluids to take home, I did the very best I could for 3 weeks until she passed away. I am profoundly upset at many things; not finding caring, emotionally intelligent competent care for her, confusion at how she suddenly got this illness which I’m told is common? And the first sign is often DKA? That’s hard to believe unless my dog hid her illness so well. I’m confused and heartbroken. I fed her really well including your multivitamin formulas and other whole food and nutrients. Could it have been hormone imbalances that caused DKA? Pancreatitis? Someone mentioned perhaps she had cushings? If you could possibly make a video on sudden DKA in dogs it would be deeply appreciated. I’ve met a multitude of people in the past 2 weeks who have told me their dogs first sign of diabetes has also been DKA. Thank you so much Dr Jones. Your courageous leap into alternative healing, compassion and truth is deeply appreciated in the face of the current trends in veterinary medicine which I sadly find deeply disheartening.

  13. Ty for this video..I'm wanting to transition my dog off insulin..lately I've noticed symptoms of too high dose, lethargy, little stumbling, different behavior changes..I'm turning to some raw and healthier foods, chicken, raw meat, I'm hoping ground beef is ok, she loves it raw, some veggies I'm trying incorporate, some cottage cheese , today I didn't give her shot, and gave some raw meat and turkey, and she seemed a little better..I dont know how to use the meter on my own, I never learned, but I was wondering if I should continue as I'm fearful of letting go of insulin but I've been reading up on the raw and natural diet that I'm sure it will eliminate the diabetes..I am wondering if I should just continue and watch her behavior and keep doing the foods, maybe that will give me confidence in continuing, I don't want her to have a bad reaction if I'm not giving insulin..just fearful of getting her off it, but I really am believing more and more the natural foods, and raw are the answer..I'm afraid of total raw still but the meat I give her bits of and she loves it..another one is eggs..she likes them cooked, but I'm going half cooked as I know they love raw, it's just my own fear as a human that it seems weird..but I hope to implement total raw or a combination might be fine..also I wanted to get her some healthy hard kibble, now she is on science diet but. Not sure if that's even ok for her anymore..every healthy foods raw I'm checking into, have either been very expensive or some recalled at one point..just not sure which brand to get that may be better than the science diet..and I will only give her so much of it now anyway but she does turn to it, she likes the hardness of it maybe, but she's used to it, but I want to feed her the best for her..so I was wondering if anyone knows of a good healthy hard kibble, raw, etc..mine is a dog, not a cat, but been on insulin over a year now..first was ok for while developed cataracts, but she can still see, now lately been seeing those symptoms, I mentioned and I read it was spikes in sugar, where it was actually symptomatic of too high dose of insulin, called hypoglycemia..she had those symptoms, so, if you know of anything that can help, I appreciate anyone's tips..ty so much..wonderful helpful video..♥️

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