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  1. My guyyy, so I tried the Gary Peyton from apothecarium thorndale and I was honestly impressed, and kind tree flower has gotten better overall, their designer runtz, runtz, rainbow rozay, some fire strands and they’re usually priced way better so I can’t hate on what kind tree has been doing this year, but before like the end if 2021 they were def not trust worthy, but they for sure have stepped up their game

  2. They’ve also made it to the Hawaii medical market. I tried the Gary Payton and the honey bun. The honey bun was way better than the Gary Payton.
    Edit: don’t think it was worth the extra money.

  3. My favorite brand with flower for Massachusetts is resinate. For concentrate its superflux. I ended up getting a nug from my coworker called green crack. I feel like I just slammed a weed infused 20oz red bull.

  4. Cookies is also in Canada and has absolutely been a hit or miss depending on batch (Its Georgia Pie in Ontario) Its kinda neat being an 'outsider' in the legal sphere here in Canada

  5. We had the same in Illinois, ozone had the cookies partnership and completely bombed. I think revolution has recently picked up cookies so hopefully they'll do better

  6. Zein aktore harrigarria, hain da dik.Si/belleza naturala ezen bizitza osoan ezagutzen duzula dirudi……… Eta bizitza osorako zurekin eraman nahi duzuna da.. Zer bainu-eszena den hau… . ..❤❤❤ ….. Eskerrik asko jauna… Gidoilari jatorra

  7. Cookies is trying to get popular here in Arkansas lol. We've had Georgia Pie. It wasn't to bad. It wasn't the best I've had though. I can think of 15 strains off the top of my head that's better but its not bad lol.

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