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  1. I doubt that your honesty over what happened will set the record straight Dr Jones. Knuckleheads don't usually have the ability to think. Fortunately, most of your subscribers , me included, think you are 'the tops' and the first port of call when our pets need help. All the best from UK.

  2. My second daughter interviewed for the veterinary school at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg. She declined the offer because of their use of RESEARCH BEAGLES. Cruelty disguised as prf

  3. We have some pretty shocking Vets in Canberra Australia who love to give unessesary procedures and charge way more than whats required. Most of these young vets are hopeless and dont even read up on the history of your animal.

  4. You already know this mate, but there will always be those people who just feel it necessary to say something bad when there is nothing bad to say.
    These are sad, sorry individuals…..not usually worthy of our time…unless they get involved in the way they have. They generally live very Unfulfilled lives and are envious of others who actually achieve something. They hate seeing people happy and just can't help themselves when the need to spout their poisonous bile takes over.
    Your advice on natural remedies proved immensely helpful to my beautiful boy and I will forever be grateful.

  5. Your situation is no different than human medicine…look at all the covid nonsense and what we are STILL going through…never a single mention of vitamin D deficiency that has now been shown to be a major contributing factor in folks who had serious reactions to covid…The powers that be want pets and humans to be forever subjected to Pharma

  6. Dr Jones,You lost your license because you told the truth ,and We have seen many Doctors who has lost their livelihood and licenses for telling the truth about Covid!And Cancer treatments , I believe you have done the Christian thing and we strongly believe in you .

  7. So refreshing that you are a man who would not be bullied. I hope some ethical lawyers see this and call these medical bullies out. I think everything else I would say about how badly you were treated would be censored.

  8. Total respect to you for standing up for what you believe in. You never get a poor vet or doctor and most of them are not interested in natural herbal medicines cos they can't make money from it. I don't vaccinate, flea or worm my dogs as they advise cos its full of chemicals that are harmful. I treat problems as an when they arise, animals are amazing healers and alot of issues can be fixed within a couple of days. We don't need to rush off to the vets or doctors about everything!!!

  9. Dr Jones, you are an absolute champion. You have a conscience and a are motivated to do the right thing for both your pets and your customers. Do you have the right focus and, in the Long run, will be well rewarded. I respect you , I trust you, I listen to you and I follow your advice. My dog cat and I thank you thank you thank you 🌸

  10. Marketing is a dictatorship. You can do what you did only if you are top shark on the vet scale. Actually, I know a vet that is top shark and still has studied homeo-theraphy, I mean, how do you call it? Natural remedies, also for human beings. Once you are on the top you don't need permission for anything. Let me say that: if you are coming from the heart ❤, you are bound to run into problems with top sharks at the Institution level. I'm glad I heard you here, and I'd like to say, I respect you the same way I did before. I like your transparency. If I could follow you twice, I would. You are blessed and have a wonderful path and future. And I'd like to be part of it. Thank you. I have 4 dogs and four cats at home and cant find a vet who is supportive and caring. I live in another country, not the US of A. Well, I'm following you. Be well. Prosper and your way is the good way!.

  11. Thank you for posting this video. In times of hardship vets are not helping animal health.most people cannot afford vets and animals end up in shelters.vets such as you are needed .your love for animals shows.please don't leave as you are needed by our furry friends.

  12. We live in a time, where it's very easy to spread around fake news, and many people get a kick by hurting others. Some common values get lost more and more.
    Lies becoms truth, wrong becomes right, dark becomes light.
    Dr. Jones, most of your audience is still sober enough to get and appreciate your messages , please continue your important work.

  13. You're my go to Vet because of you're insightful advice. You are a teacher. I've used your common sense approach and practices in my personal life.

    We have vets here in the US that charge enormous amount of money for not doing much, excipt pushing their products from the corporate world.

    When I find out their mark up on certain products it makes me upset.

    I can't rescue anymore because I can't afford too.

    There's a corporation right now buying Vets in the United States yes they're making the veterinarian's office possibly run smoother but they're also making a commission on the products that they push. They send out reminder emails of appointments and updates of when you have to take your pet back in. They send out too many, when you have multiple pets you'll take your critter in for nothing just to have a check up because they say it's time. The money machine then starts churning.

    We love you doc, we need you please don't give up the fight.💔❣️

  14. Doctor all of your natural remedies works well on those dogs & cats in my sanctuary. I have 60 dogs & 121 cats. They all are very healthy now with your effective natural remedies. You have save so many lives in my shelter which failed to provide treatment by those useless who called professional veterinarians. Thank you so much doctor. I'm speechless don't know how to thank you more doctor 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  15. I have followed your advise several times for mu dog. She had a torn knee cap, she has food allergies and I took your advice and she has nit had surgery she is walking and used a cream that was found at the pharmacy. Even a vet said the cream woukd would and at the fraction if the cost. Thank you Dr. Jones..please keep making your videos Thank you so much

  16. My vet checked my kelpie for blood pressure and gave her medication. In two days she got vestibular and was never the same – it led to dementia and I had to have her pts. I so regret everything.

  17. Thank you Dr.Jones for telling the truth. In Germany there is a similar development and lots of vets are in a bad position and do not dare to speak out loud their truth. Best wishes, you help a lot of animal owners.

  18. I have been very grateful for all your advice Doc and I Thank You Kindly! And some people spend precious time downing others because they themselves are unhappy. But the majority are good folks. You’ve included all for the good and its very much appreciated! So Many Blessings with Love, Light, Peace and Joy of Being! DaveyJO in Pennsylvania

  19. Bravo to you for doing what you believe is best for you. By the way, I tried your home remedies for my coughing dog. It’s working! Thank you so very much! I love your channel!

  20. You are a wonderful human being, dr Jones, I appreciate you and all you doing for us and our animals. 🤗🐾😍 don’t pay any attention to all those trolls. We love you and need you! Thank you for being there, we love you, keep up good work! Love – 🤗😉😘🐾

  21. I appreciate the home remedies you share. I have a vet in my family but still can’t afford to take my pets in. After the past few years, I’ll never take another vaccination nor will my pets. Thank you Dr Jones.

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