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  1. ‘The Indian govt in 2016 determined that the diamond was a gift’
    So where’s the controversy? Or is the Indian govt just too stupid and needs to learn how colonised their minds are?
    The new king has an opportunity to acknowledge etc etc beginning with the diamond……
    Really? Are you f*ing serious? Can you not think it ANYMORE creative ways this can happen other than giving a bloody diamond back. Are we in a f*ing sand playground at kindergarten or something?
    Or are you saying this so you can make poorly researched videos with the soul agenda of sowing discord and division in society?
    And this nasty bitter hate filled presenter was ‘educated’ at Cambridge no less!!!!! What a joke – almost as bad as Liz Truss 🤮

  2. I mean yes, but what are they all gonna do with one rock? Cut it up and give everyone a little piece? Wouldn't it be better to let them keep the diamond and charge them an astronomical amount of money based on what its worth and for all the time they've had it?

  3. yah they should get to keep it next thing people will be saying we need to give America back to the natives we took it fair and square that is the nature of conquest everything owned today was taken from a weaker people and given to the strongest it is the natural order

  4. What a load of bullshit clickbait. Vice, you suck now. I have been reading you since you were a free rag in the corners of my favourite Vancouver spots 25 years ago. Now, you really suck balls. And thats really sad. I'm gay, I love sucking balls, so you know when I'm using 'you suck balls' as a pejorative it's because the balls you're sucking are really disgusting. Goodbye

  5. Sooner or later britain will have to return the stolen artefacts they are getting weaker and poorer by the day either give it back when you can seem magnanimous or give it when newer powers force you to do it.

  6. what the news and conquered dont mention and understand is that all these "oppressors and colonizers" did more than just cry and complain to get what they wanted…..they fought for it, if they want their things and respect back i suggests they gather their weapons and soldiers and fight for it.
    nice try tho…they must think that proud people have fallen for the weak media agendas that we all still thoroughly disagree with regardless of how many times they try to force it upon us.

  7. Ok I usually love your reporting but right at the 23 second mark you said that Charles isn't officially king until the gemstones come out but that's literally the opposite of reality, he's ceremonially crowned then but he was officially king when Elizabeth died, certainly when the privy council proclaimed him as such the day after.

  8. And yet these things are safer in Britain than they are in the countries that lay claim. Would a $400M diamond in Afghanistan be cherished and protected or be sold to support the Taliban? Also, give me a break about Egypt. Have you ever been there? I have…not a country that respects their heritage. Case in point, looting at the museums during the so called Arab Spring.

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