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  1. I had a plant last year, outside, from seed that produced a thirteen finger leaf. Many other leaves were excessive, as well, but, only one had thirteen. I had to pull when it turned male, but, no one had seen such a thing before. Some fellas, who have grown for more than a few decades, could not explain it.

  2. I have been growing outside for the past twenty years or so. The last two years I have had some weird mutations, One plant only produced hairs no flowers, the buds were all hairs. Last year I had one that grew with single finger leaves,

  3. So first grow, just getting started in the garden and what not. Germinate my seed successfully and plant, tap root anchors in her new home, seedling pops out and I notice the cotyledon leaves look weird. Upon further inspection one leaf was mangled up while the other one looked normal but it was a little smaller than what’s seedlings usually look like. So I had high hopes for the lady and right around her second week ending she had topped herself from the start

  4. I've only grown cannabis once, back in 2011. And one of the plants I grew was a twin seedling. Unfortunately, there was an incident the one weekend I was out of town and someone killed the plant. Still one of the coolest things I've ever seen.

  5. I've had a few plants over the years that grew leaf nodes in threes (as opposed to pairs) during veg. Like most of the variegated cannabis plants I've seen, they seemed to kind of "out-grow" that type of growth during the stretch/early flower stage.
    I've also had a Thai plant (back in the early 70's) that when it finally flowered, after nearly a year, it developed just a single branch that went hermaphrodite. I ended up cutting that branch off, but if I'd known what I know today, I would have let it pollinate itself and kept the genetics to breed with all the other (bag seed) landraces we were seeing and growing in Southern California back in the day! 😢

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