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  1. ​ I have been feeding raw for 20 years. It is cheaper and 100 times healthier than kibble. Do not fall for the scam of pre made raw dog food. You can feed raw without complex "recipes". I buy cases of human grade chicken quarters or bone in thighs for less than a dollar a pound. Add a little liver, heart and kidneys every few days. Boom. done. Too many people over think it. No I do not add any vitamins. All they need is in the meat and bone. I raised many dogs. No issues. Look up whole prey diet online for more info. Dont bother jumping on here and telling me they need this and that and complete balanced blah blah blah…It is all bull from big pharma… I will repeat. I have fed this way for 20 years!!! I have raised many dogs. My dogs are athletes, they run, hunt, and compete in field trials. So no couch potatoes. This diet keeps them healthy. I knew of the disgusting things in dog food a loooong time ago. Styrofoam packaging, dead animals from vets offices, along with their collars and metal tags, you name it, it is in there. Yum….

  2. Who is selling them slaughtered dogs? Vets? Shelters? That is the real question as far as I am concerned. What foods included dog? They need to be boycotted.

  3. That's so messed up. The FDA requires that all pet food be safe for human consumption. During times of duress when people can't afford regular food many turn to pet food to have something to eat.

  4. Why is this even possible?! Even worse is using EUTHANIZED dogs and cats in pet food. How could those lethal drugs not adversely affect the animals consuming it second hand. How are either of these things allowed?!

  5. ❗❗❗🆘 PLEASE HELP ME🆘❗❗❗

    Cat info:
    (We don't know exact age because he was rehomed through some people so we only know he is around 10 month old but he is pretty big. He is Scottish fold and on out check up he vet said he is super healthy. He we already have spent 3 weeks in same house, so i was pretty sure he is healthy, but something has changed recently)


    I don't know what is going on with my cat
    He was all ok until few days ago, as he is Scottish cat he of course was sneezing now and then but he lately started sneezing really often and he has watery eyes, but i haven't noticed any discharge around his nose. But he mostly sneezes when he is sniffing some dirty or dusty( like his dirty food bowl ) things.

    Can someone please tell me what is wrong with my cat?

  6. Can't really trust the US FDA due to corruption. The oligarchs have bribed their way to so much de-regulation, our government agencies, meant to protect us, are so diminished, you really have to do your own homework.

  7. My Yoga Instructor has been saying that that if you feed your dog dog food, they get the shakes because they’re eating other dogs!

    I thought he was exaggerating, that is outrageous, and we should all do something about that ! 😡🐾👎🏼

  8. YAY😃DrJones❤️🤗🙏
    If only pet parents stopped feeding their pets dry kibble and switched to a raw balanced diet. Every dry kibble pet food is processed/made at such high temperatures, in order to create them kibble pieces. This process destroys any ingredients they claim is in the bag. Yet pet parents are fooled by what is written on the bag, all the lovely pictures they add and what they see/hear in the advertisements.
    No different to the ultra processed human food.
    There is nothing better or healthier than a raw balanced diet for our pets. It is simply raw real meat, organs, vegetables, fruit, eggs, supplements etc that are not processed. All this real raw goodness gets absorbed and less comes out the other end = better health and longer life 👍❤️🐾🐶😻🤗🙏

  9. I stopped feeding my dogs kibble all together and have been meal prepping for them at home. A little bit of chicken rice and lots of veggies and fruits. They’ve lost a little weight but completely healthier than before when on kibble

  10. There putting dog in pet food ? That’s horrible.. why can’t dog food be FDA approved? This will stop them from putting all this garbage in dog food .

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