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  1. Does this actually work? For a dog with contact dermatitis and itchy swollen pink ears. I just want to know that this is safe to try… please let me know. I hate seeing my dog itch like this 🙁

  2. Hi Dr. Jones, so glad to have come across your video, our current vet told me that we're running out of options because as soon as I stop medicating my dog, the infection comes back. only 1 of his ears is affected

    Is this remedy also applicable for greenish ear discharge? tests confirmed that my dog has high count of yeast in his ear and also staph bacterial infection.

  3. thank you so much, my dog has been scratching his ears. I have 5 dogs and its not that affordable to run to the vet with every little thing (if major of course we go) but being able to do some at home remedies is life changing for them and me. You are a true carer sharing this information.

  4. I be following you and i want to thank you what to do when i has heavy rash under his leg 4 side also, from oast 30 th of April until today she is not have any food had light fever ,only egg white she is having. Just she smell pedigree and rice and come back without eating it

  5. I’ll get some aloe vera gel asap. My vet put my Yorkie on Apoquel for ear infection, ? She’s been on it almost a year!! I cleaned her ears b4 being groomed and got yellow stinky stuff out. She was still head shaking, my groomer said apoquel wouldn’t help, get a 2nd opinion. I’m still giving the apoquel but resorted back to zymox, seems to soothe it. I researched apoquel & it says for dermatitis! I don’t like having her on it if not working, side effects are horrible! I don’t want my baby going deaf!!

  6. How long can we keep that mixture? For the full 7-10 days? Do we store it in the fridge or on the counter ? Thank you for helping us help our pets .. 👨‍⚕️ 🐾💕🐾

  7. I be following you and I want to thank you so much for all your Home remedy and your knowledge you have and
    I continue to watch you over and over again thank hugs 🤗

  8. Hello doc I have a mini schnauzer he always keeps bugging for food after he eats he loves to bug and bug for food he will bark if a mailman or the ups comes to my door what should I do?

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