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  1. Wave Arts – Master Restoration Suite. Plugins for "noise reduction". Best I've ever used ~ $99.00. *NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH WAVES PLUGINS* Just needs a few ms of silence to calibrate. ✊🏽

  2. Fun stuff: 90 Minute Mix 2022 (Dance St.) https://youtu.be/_e4KHLizPr0

    Counter-white supremacy homework:
    No one cared enough, to shoot Nazi symbol-wearing turncoats in our patrols cars since the infiltration post-911. Some Americans are bragging about shooting each other when they have yet to aim at the white supremacist enemy.

    Many traitors are not light-skinned, yet they are caught wearing Nazi symbols while working for three-letter terrorist agencies.

    Americans survive the oppression of Nazism every day yet wear Nike Air FORCE One sneakers, they are not aware that force is an Axis term. F-in' Nazi b-ball shoes ..DUH!

    I work harder than a nation filled with traitors, yet I had my son manipulated away from me (child theft and genocide) by the sociopathic majority, during their indulgence of war crimes and lawlessness. I am not allowed to shoot them ..but the sights are set for the split-second chance I have, to down some Nazi p3ck3rH34ds.

    When they are called Nike Air SERVICE One, then I will approve.

    In many cases, documentaries https://youtu.be/TgVv1hlkz0A record the mistaken views of at least one Nazi-harbouring war criminal of the past two decades (perpetrators), smiling about bigotry, segregation and civil war across North America, now they have colleagues in Canada.

    Notice the Nazi helmet with lightning bolts, that is the taskFORCE emblem worn by the members of "law enforcement" that interrogated me. https://youtu.be/TgVv1hlkz0A?t=2322

    Virginia Hall stinks of Nazi helper, she went on to work with the CIA till the nineteen sixties, the collection of American bigot brigade types and Green Beret Nazi war criminals that served only two years in southern American states (they actually ate steak, no exaggeration).

    Nazi Europe sucks, I have been watching Poland because I carry a Polish name, the white supremacy has been worsening since the false accusation of Muslims for the 11-9-01 WTC demolitions ..Muslims could never have placed the Thermite demolition charges, throughout the structures of three New York buildings ..claimed to be destroyed by only two planes ..I for one, can count.

    Three buildings, two planes, no need to draw a picture. I have not watched television since and the horoscope seems the most truthful part of the newspaper.


    The North American child theft grift (genocide), it has been experienced by previous victims…

    ..my son cannot answer me in English, though we are a bilingual family and community, a regression was imposed. He only speaks French uni-lingual terrorist language, I speak Quebecois (bilingual). A stolen child often protects their captors for lack of knowledge, they in-turn help to steal the children of others, collaborating with THE guilty majority that singled-out and destroyed victims with false and exaggerated claims, legitimised by the Nazi-FORCE protecting justices.

    Polish families are half blonde and half dark-haired because of Genghis Khan's reign during the twelvth century. Even the blondes in the family carry Asian genetics, at the moment only THEY can own firearms ..everyone who looks native cannot have more than a plastic knife ..to SCALP the bad guys and traitors with when we have the opportunity.


    Kanye or Oprah 2024?
    ​ @1walicki ..I like Kanye, he speaks to my age group. Oprah however, is an experienced icon that has been part of some important historical publications, developing awareness and prevention ..that failed entirely post-911, people of every cultural heritage indulged Islamophobia for acceptance among the guilty majority, their lack of integrity "earning" financial security among the war criminals and traitors.

    Is it okay if I take something from the J3wish refrigerator? ..some of us have gone hungry many times during the recent two decades. Israel and America are the Axis FORCE emblem-wearing nations ..Nazi-helpers.

    I do not trust my own family, the blonde ones can own firearms, I cannot.

    The bad Jewish people hear nothing the victims say, they are not willing to cough up the Muslim victims they ate during the recent two decades of war crimes, from which the mistaken majority has profited and partaken in the North American genocide of minorities.

    Hoarding opportunities, resources and not sharing, makes the Jewish community part of the problem rather than the more inclusive solution. I personally do not mind the food is blessed by a Rabbi but I wonder how others feel about not being asked. Plus, I remember my uncle making blueberry jam that we were not allowed to share nor have "blessed" at the synagogue.

    I feel like someone put a lock on the North American fridge, it is scary.

    We need to share food, those who eat together do not go to war against each other so easily.

    The next person (joker) to label everything in the fridge "mine", there are ways of fixing that individual or group.

    The food I contribute to the community, will never be good enough for the current food monopolists ..they also happen to be in collusion with the white supremacist enemy FORCES next door. Canada had SERVICES prior to 2001 but Americans living in lawlessness and piracy cannot know the difference.

    There are bad guys in every pile and cultural heritage, deal with it honestly ..especially when addressing victims.

    We did not even have a Schindler to spare us, I worked on an empty stomach while injured and malnourished, eventually growing taller at the age of thirty-six.

    The majority are a disgusting populace, that profit by treating the vulnerable and ill like burdens to society, casting them away to denial of human dignity for profit.

    An inventor dumpster-dove for food, people remember that kind of sh**.

    If the food supply does not reach those who need nourishment, after being blessed by a Rabbi ..is there not some shame and correction due?

    You bunch of Muslim-eating bums, certainly did not help fight against the Nazis this time, that is what I remember. The damages exist upon the victims, not those who profited by failing to denounce injustices for two decades.

    I know who is really going to apologise before this issue is solved…

    320 million Muslim-eating people lost their bet, perpetrators did not know enough to demand a contiguous incident report, before eating victims and Islamophobia-generating media for breakfast each morning in cafes.

    I have pics of the contracts paying Islamophobic media sources, who's "National Defense" funding is found under a Cayman umbrella corp.

    My experiences, there were contemplative Jewish friends I respect, apart from the majority that partake in hoarding and exclusionist sociopathic group behaviours (Neo-Nazi Jews).

    Nazi p3ck3rH34ds, denying their part in two decades of war crimes. The Nazi-helping retard child majority, are going to cough up the Muslims they ate.



    I think I know where to look for clues about who planted the Thermite charges, that international and Canadian scientists determined were responsible for the WTC building demolitions.

    For one thing there was a list of agencies at that time.. at least one of them was dirty and involved in coordinating the building demolitions. It is also clear, that Pinkerton, Burns, Wackenhut (security compmanies) and armoured vehicle companies in North America, were acquired by ONE Swedish conglomerate of corporations, profiting from GLOBAL white supremacist war crimes during the recent two decades.

    Over 100 years of incident reports, gone as of 2002. Black-shirt traitors (Nazi symbol-wearing scabs) take our contracts and jobs with government thereafter, serious stuff.

    The bigot brigade from southern American states, have been stubbing their toes on us for a long time… Tecumseh: The Shawnee Chief Who Fought Alongside The British Empire | Nations At War https://youtu.be/xkbYvd8U48Y

    ..the murder and genocide never ceases either. I am Canadian, why should I need to know about and hold the Mason-Dixon line? ..which is now situated North of me, in Canada ..FAIL!

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