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  1. My moms Pom has this after getting the dog virus this past year. She is also experiencing nasal discharge and poor thing has had multiple stints. I’m sending this to my mom maybe she can try to see if it helps her since nothing else is working

  2. Thank You So Much, Dr. Jones, my doodle’s appt. is coming up to check out his throat, if it weren’t for you, I might have said yes to pharma drugs. Please keep up your outstanding work to help us protect our beloved pets!! ❤

  3. If your dog has been to the Southwestern U.S., it could also be Coccidioidomychosis, aka Valley Fever. My dog contracted this airborne fungal infection this winter in Arizona. It is extremely dangerous in dogs and is definitely life-threatening. A cough is only one of the possible symptoms.

  4. Okay what if the dog is gagging loudly rather than coughing? Just randomly here and there in the day or overnight, sounds like baby duck on the old cartoons? My 14 year old Pekingese started doing this about a month ago. He has no problems eating or swallowing or anything like that, doesn't seem distressed other than when the gag randomly pops up. Is this also tracheal collapse?

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