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  1. pH isn't a good measurement because cities neutralize the pH and usually faucet water is closer to 7.0 than most bottle waters. Dasani makes me thirsty. Fiji is very smooth/soft feeling because of the silica.

  2. I'm surprised that no one commented on this..

    She poured all the glasses from one bottle and then put them on display for him afterwards. Couldn't he then just tell that it was a matter of separating tap water from one brand rather than tap and a bunch of bottled

  3. you know when people say " someone always has it worse than you, so dont complain" well, what if the person that has it the absolute worst ( nobody has it worse than him ) read it and just started to cry because of the irony. you know, what if?

  4. Where I'm from (on the East Coast) they bottle and sell our tap water as "Pure Filtered Water" (among other things) throughout the country. When people from other places visit (even in state) they just want tap water.

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