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  1. al-vee-oh-lye
    it's important to exhale fully before inhaling deeply with a brief hold. by exhaling fully, you are making room for the next breath to go in deeper, to fully saturate the lung. similar to making sure a glass is fully emptied before filling it again- if fully empty, you will hold more of whatever you're filling it up with, than if it were 1/4 full still before you started filling it again. also, there is a good amount of deadspace from your lips down to the bronchi, which absorbs nothing.
    the alveoli are surrounded by capillaries that wrap around them like a fine net. the blood has a lower oxygen tension than the air in the alveoli, so the O2 crosses that membrane of the air sac and into the blood to equalize the pressure, to reduce the gradient difference. Same with CO2 (no carbon monoxide, except that which is already in the air), the CO2 tension in the blood is higher than the CO2 in the alveoli, so the CO2 crosses the membrane to equalize the two gas tensions. the O2 and CO2 want to be the same on both sides of the membrane barrier. you exhale, inhale, same thing happens.
    The thc in the smoke, on the other hand, is absorbed by making contact with the sac membrane in the lung, the smoke does not pass through the membrane like O2 or CO2.
    Therefore, by holding your breath, you are allowing time for the smoke particles to drop out of suspension and make contact with your lung tissues. that small amount would normally be exhaled right away. the issue is that the whole of the sac is coated with the thc with an inhalation, therefore is the extra breath hold necessary? is that tiny extra bit going to make a difference (keep in mind that the air sacs are the size of a pin head)?

    I would suggest holding for a 5 count, but anything longer is unnecessary.

  2. Regardless, I still like to hold the smoke in for at least a couple of seconds, mainly because I use those couple of seconds to inhale as much as possible to get whatever smoke might still be in my throat into my lungs.

  3. People will tell you placebo but I smoked about 15-18g of shatter a month.I  did not hold in my hits because I "knew about the science" so I inhaled, gave it 3 seconds and exhaled… I was running low on money and grams, so I started holding it in for around 8-10 seconds and was able to conserve and found that I was higher off the same strain than I had been all month all by just holding it in for a bit longer.. I started holding in my hits, because I would get blasted and it felt better, and I cut my consumption to 10-12g of shatter per month all by just holding in my hits. I was able to smoke the exact same amount of times per day, same product, same dispensary, same batch code and lot. For me, holding in my hits saves me a lot and gets me way higher. I would say I dab about 3-4 dabs less a session when I hold in my hit

  4. The study you mention, and I hope I've found the correct one, is a little bit flawed. I'd pay more attention to it if they had more test subjects involved, including people with a tolerance and without. And people holding it in for (0, 3, 5, 7, 10, 13, 15) seconds, rather than (0, 10, 15, 20) because I recently started holding my breath in for 5 seconds and notice I got higher off of one hit then I typically would have, which also shouldn't cause a headrush caused by oxygen deprivation. Seems to me that holding it in for 5 seconds does get you higher.

  5. makes me wonder if they were testing chronic smokers. since they have diminished lung capacity they are only going to be able to adsorb so much THC anyways. anyways, none of these two studies tested 3 to 5 seconds, they did 0, 10 or 20. We have a whooping sample size of 18.

  6. not really holding my breath though… taking smaller hits and a slower deeper inhale afterwards. but hey, if you wanna take a monster hits and cough them out 3 seconds after, have at it. i can't afford to smoke like that though. i be trying to get high, not look cool.

  7. It's about how much cannabis you can get into your body with the least amount of air I always get a higher when I hold my hits in always no one can tell me different either maybe it is Placebo effect but hey I still get higher

  8. if you hold your breath you dont reabsorb the carbon dioxide, that is not how osmosis works.

    also googled this for you
    Why do I get dizzy when I breathe deeply?
    The dizziness that comes with deep breathing is usually caused by breathing out carbon dioxide faster than the body produces it. This makes the blood less acidic, which apparently causes a chemical alteration in nerve function that makes you feel light-headed. The cure is to breathe more slowly and/or less deeply.

  9. so let me get this straight if I'm smoking dabs that are 90% and up. the smoke I'm blowing out almost instantly has no THC in it. meaning that the 10% or whatnot is the rest of the cloud blowing out of my mouth.

  10. without watching the video (which ill do after this) id like to ask a question. if someone was to take a hit and then a second person take a hit from the first persons mouth could they get high? if it affects them at all i dont see how holding in smoke doesnt affect you

  11. Is you absorb all thc in a couple seconds how tf are you blowing smoke out when smoking the high 90's concentrate….even if you hold it in….this argument is horrible and poorly researched

  12. If holding in thc doesn't make you higher then why do people hold their breath to swim longer under water…because your lungs use up the oxygen in your lungs constantly it does not absorb all the oxygen in a couple seconds otherwise you could breath out all the "bad air" after a couple seconds when you go under and have the same oxygen count as if you were holding your breath

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