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  1. Don't make any more of those just sell hoses that connect to it.
    charge by the pressure used per hose.
    You could just create repower stations to continue it on like you're selling 10 States away

  2. So i see 3 notable issues. 1 poor seal so the smoke isn't getting dense in the chamber, the diffusion isn't doing much because of the huge bubbles. and the smoke chamber is so large the smoke will go stale. But it looks fucking awesome.

  3. Put a hand brake for the stop ^_^ from like any bike would do. Would be a nice handle <3 ✌️

    Also thst air inlet will get super dirty over time of you just always stick a blunt in it lol. Hard to clean.

    Also a fill valve would be nice, like a sink line and a on/off solinoid valve.

    Actually just hire me I'm a robotics engineering student 😆

  4. Ew dude. I get better rips from my 2 liter gb. That shit would work way better if it had a large bowl to pack instead of a blunt stuffed into a hole. What a pos

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