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  1. From being a long time UK dealer I would say yeah it does go bad by keeping it in plastic sealer bags for long periods of time would keep my own smoke in the glass jars would say that weed lasts about 5 months in sealy bags then starts to lose its taste smell and goes very harsh

  2. If weed doesn't get mold, it will loose thc content regardless. The thc will just fall off of it. Or the terps realistically. You would need to keep it in a completely black Jar out of sunlight and you can keep it for up to a few months before it starts to degrade

  3. What about 7 months? In airtight plastic bags kept away from sunlight? Cool-cold room usually? Coz I live in an illegal country and I was planning to have a massive sesh with some friends in 7 months coz my parents are away and I was going to get buds over time so that I have a couple of different strains to choose from?

  4. i️ leave my weed in the containers they give at the shop, i️ sometimes i️ leave them in my car or in my room, where ever i️ smoked last, will it go bad ?

  5. Bro! You awesome 👏🏼 Look at that like/dislike comparison – almost 99% happy nice medicated people ✨ Cheers to that. And thank you! I’m going to kill my beautifully looking couple month Skywalker stash ) 🙌🏼

  6. Great good vide spech buddy. Imadgen if cool stoners run the world ? No wars and good dissision making for the benifit of the people and the planit !! it's proberbley what would happen. And we would stop running this world like a busness with profit and money and consumerisem being the thing that takes presedent over everything elce ? .

  7. Just found your channel bro your chill af !like the why you make your vids just straight to the point with that answer you just earned yourself a NEW SUBSCRIBER 😅

  8. As someone that grows, you don't need these moisture stones at all. Just burp your plant occasionally and move them around. What this process actually does is redistribute the moisture already inside the jar equally. Like for example, during the curing process, maybe burp for like 5 minutes a day, twice a day, ext, it all depends on the plant. (Make sure to move the bud around too) Once moisture finally equals out and is all good, then you're ready to store. There's no set curing process. Growing weed is all about looking at the plant, she will tell you what she needs haha

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