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  1. Can we add magnesium powder to our aging Malinois food? Her leg muscles are so tight
    I give her adequin and pain meds but magnesium would feel so good
    I also put Castor oil on her legs, joints and spine!
    Can dogs have magnesium supplements??

  2. Hi good morning. My dog has linphoma cancer stages 5, i will start giving the food with syringe. He has been in prednisone for two weeks, can someone tell me how to stops this medication safety. He received one session of chemo which 75% of the cancer went to remission, but the side effects was horrible. I have every single supplement from Dr. Andrew. Please someone tell me how to stop it?? And how to stop this abd how to stop an antibiotics he is taking because he got an infection because the quemo. Thanks in advance. I will not continue with the quemo, that is awful

  3. My jong dog 7 monds hé always get diarree when hé eats raw meat after 3 monds of trying i,ll give him kibble, so how can it be that hé doesnt doing well on raw ? Can you help me?

  4. I have to say THANK YOU for all you do! You help so many people who can't afford to take their pet to the vet. We maybe worried about things going on with our pets that ends up not being serious n we end up spending over 100+ just to take them to get checked n it be nothing. I have had so many pets n ALOT of stories with vet experiences its insane! One recently I took a outside cat to the vet to get vaccinated n neutered cost me over 350 before I had taken my cat to a shuttle bus cost 85 FOR THE EXACT SAMETHING! I just wanted to prove a point to some people costed me dearly but people there are other places that will not screw you over for doing the samething. I just want to say THANK YOU for helping the people who have a heart n want to help animals but in the end not have to spend a arm n leg n the caring process. Yeah, greedy people may not like you doing what your doing but don't worry about those ppl they care about NOTHING but their self.

  5. My dog's poops are perfect but we decided to switch her to raw food and found a great resource for all kinds of raw food for animals. I think she is allergic to chicken and has bouts of itching where she loses some of her undercoat and sheds a lot. I hope her new diet of raw cod liver, duck hearts, green tripe and raw duck meal with bone, skin, duck feet and cartilege will supply her with plenty of nutrition and digestive enzymes. I don't think I'll ever feed her chicken but can digestive enzymes make a dog less allergic? I would buy some DE if that would help her be able to eat that food again.

  6. My dog recently tore his ACL and I was told by the vet to not walk him for around a month. But he's still got a lot of energy and is running around in the house. Just wondering if there's anything I can do to keep his energy levels down?

  7. I have a 9 yr black shepherd. Bought her at 8 wks. She would not eat anything except ground round (beef). Vet did a blood test and the pancreas was not releasing enzymes. She has been receiving enzymes at every meal since then, saved my check book. Active 90 lb…

  8. Chicken was the culprit with my otherwise perfectly healthy dog. Chicken really messed with his digestive system! The most disgusting stuff was coming out and he was obviously uncomfortable.
    Of course I went to my vet, she tested for parasites and all other things that could be causing the issues. She also recommended probiotics, which my dog refused to take.
    When every possibility was ruled out, I thought to myself, it has to be the chicken. 🤔
    I completely eliminated chicken from his diet, which is not easy to do, most dog foods have chicken in them, and all his digestive problems went away. He has perfect stools now.
    My vet was happy to know what the problem was too.

  9. Our dachshund, Heidi, had a serious lipase deficiency that gave her diarrhea. From her puppyhood, she ate Gastro with a lipase additive. Her digestive difficulties completely disappeared. She lived to be 16 years, 6 days, ultimately passing away from heart failure. Her veterinarian’s intuitive diagnosis gave her a long, healthy and happy life.

  10. Dr. Jones, I have a question. Should my 4 and a half years old yorkie get some vitamins?
    Thank you so much for another wonderful video!
    Love, love your channel ❤

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