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  1. Helpppppp!!!! I am in the US and I can't find ANY of the products you show available here. It's SO disheartening. Either I find something similar but it comes in 3500 mg soft gel vs.250mg which is impossible to breakdown OR It comes with additional items like Curcumin ADVANCED or Curcumin with Saw Palmetto. Do you have a US company you could recommend. Even the over-the-counters are not in the US nor the comparible product. I spend literally HOURS trying to find like products. ANY help would be VERY much appreciated!!!!!!!

  2. My four month old puppy potentially ate a rock. In the case that she did happen to swallow one, what are they signs I should take her to the vet? She has thrown up just a few minutes ago, however she is acting fine. I think the vomit was because of a family member feeding her two big slices of ham that she didn’t chew. If she continues to act fine should I still take her to the vet?

  3. Amazing timing! My dog wasnt well this morning and felt hot. Didnt realise cbd was good for fever. I gave him some and almost straight away looked brighter. Snoring his head off now but a lot better. THANKYOU. Ps just to let u know hes so much better.

  4. How you get the to ear that honey and elderberry and how much? And what is a dogs normal temp? My boy dachshund broke out in giant hives middle of night never saw this before. I will be sharing thst soon. Once I know he completely better. 4am emergency hard to find a vet. I benidryl by the pound saw vet at 8 am he’s quite better now thanks for all your shares and tips 🤗👍🐕

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