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  1. hi there we suspect my dog may have a brain tumour (the muscle on the side of her head collapsed in) she is being put on steroids, would these be safe to take with steroids?

  2. My 1 rear old purebredmini Australian Shepherd has been diagnosed with bilateral luxating patella. The doc did xrays and the radiologist said surgery is most likely in her future. I want to start her on joint supplements but there are so many. What should ilook for for or be aware of?

  3. Do you think subcutaneous fluid injection is beneficial for kidney disease in cats? I have been given my cats Slippery elm powder per your suggestion. My cat gets so stressed going to the vet for the fluid. I’m thinking not taking him to the vet anymore. Do not want to stress him out. He’s 14 years old. Thanks!

  4. I have just recently added Reishi mushroom powder to my protocol for my little 4yo Chihuahua that was diagnosed by a neurologist with meningoencephalitis about a year and a half ago. The prednisolone works very well for immediate reduction in inflammation but I take him off as quickly as possible and have been treating him with your CBD oil, a B vitamin complex, MCT oil, cod liver oil and now adding in the Reishi mushroom powder. He has some good days and bad days but he's lived longer than the vet and neurologist expected. He's still hungry, thirsty, loves to mark his territory and nap. Gabapentin made him like a zombie so I stopped that after only a few doses. As long as he has the will to live, I'll do everything possible to make sure he doesn't suffer. Thanks for sharing and caring.

  5. What does Reishi do to help with seizures? My 12 year old dog started having seizures when he was 11. He's on CBD oil, Taurine, Sam-e and Gabapentin. We don't know that he has a brain tumor. Would adding Reishi be helpful? His last seizure was in March. He's doing well so far.

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