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  1. All these are great but if you want to get rid of it fast this is my recipe for my staffy – half a cup of apple cider vinegar
    – quarter cup of rose pedals
    – quarter cup of fresh aloe Vera jelly
    – quarter cup of oatmeal
    Mix with a quarter cup of water — put in to a spray bottle keep in fridge .. I have been using this for any skin condition or problem my dog has had and I tell you it works wonders it’s a little bit of work but it works amazing I love my pup and I’ll do anything and everything for him I created this recipe because I consistently researched and it works very well I might even sell it

  2. I just found you and am really glad I did. It's really refreshing to see straightforward, thorough, and sane advice from someone who knows their stuff. It makes me feel so much better to have some additional options to try with our dog. Thank you!

  3. My mini dachshund has a Lipoma on her chest but was recently diagnosed with a growth on her spleen. No metastasis present but her liver tests were elevated. She is not a good candidate for surgery due to her age and allergies. What can I do to help her. 16 lb body weight.

  4. My 10 year old was pretty overweight and then she lost a bunch and her lump grew for some reason. It's now the size of a soft ball and another is growing on top. My vet said it's pointless to do surgery because it will grow back however she's become real slow and hiding under my bed for the past week. She isn't getting excited anymore and she wants to scratch at her lump. I'm gonna try everything you've said and see if it helps.

  5. Dear Dr. Andrew.. I have been listening to your YouTube videos and sharing it with others..I can’t say that your context is amazing and makes sense. You are god send and god bless you for all what you do.

    My 13 year old Morkie had a recent appointment with the vet after I had noticed a mass both sides of his anus. The vet checked him and said that this growth is attached to his skin inside. He said that nonpint taking him to a specialist because they will say the same thing.. So nothing can be done, just give him painkiller until the time comes for Euthanasia.., It was heartbreaking to hear that I can’t stop crying for days and feeling hopeless.. I am trying some alternative treatments you have mentioned. CBD with Hemp , Mushroom oil, Olive leaf oil, pro biotic etc hoping the inflammation goes down and his tumor reduce in Size. He is also on keto diet full of crusufurious vegetables, healthy fats and pasture raised protein.. I need your help and guidance.. please show me the light. Hoping to reverse this with your grace and blessings..🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  6. So i'm wanting to buy these things to try with my dog. I found the VIT E (both 100iu and 200iu pills)…. I'm not sure what Green Tea to use but probably can figure that out. The probiotics i'm not overly worried about as I have yogurt for that 😉 …. Is it possible to give the brands of things you would go with for a dog, for example the Curcuminoids I always see black pepper extract (is that ok???) and I have a question about the Colostrum…. Is Colostrum and Collagen similar? Should I get her off the Collagen and just do Colostrum, can you (should you) do both or just one? Also i'm assuming i'll have to buy your supplement or another "powder" colostrum if that is the way I should go as the the pills all seem to be too high of dose (even a "dog specific" pill I came across) as my dog probably needs 200-300mg daily. Hope you answer this, she has a fatty tumor behind her armpit that doesn't seem to be bothering her but i'd like to try to shrink it naturally if it's possible that is for sure.

  7. Wheat and grains are the staffs of life. It's an absurd trend to say humans and animals should not eat carbohydrates. Ridiculous and stupid. Remember when they said eggs were bad for you? Turns out, we desperately need cholestoral from eggs. Maybe statins they put all seniors on are responsible for Alzheimers, since they destroy cholestoral that the brain NEEDS.

  8. Good video. How do I give the 95% cucumin to my dog? Does drink with water or green tea? Does he eat with his food? Or do I just hand feed it to him? How do you give it to your dog? My dog was just diagnosed with lymphoma and I want to do natural treatment.

  9. My son has a dog that is getting old but also twice they have wanting to put to sleep because of a tumor they say is cancer without texting fully if it is a cancer tumor. My son is very attached to his dog she already 12 years old is a Weimaraner female dog so beautiful trained almost acts and behave like a human, she follows my son’s eye ..they are so connected to each other. We want to extend her life and make her life more comfortable! And keep it her companion a little longer!

  10. i have a 13 yr old dog n yesterday this fatty sis, was only the size of a small tangerine n today its double that size, we had a storm a last night n he hates them n was pasting the house all night n things were falling i dont know if he bumped into something or what he doesnt complain about it..but the vets said it was growing n that it was to be removed asap n the vets said we dont want it to burst but all he did the vets was feel it n didnt do any test. so now iam wondering what to do..i dont want him to die from this operation n specially if natural things can heal it.please let me know ..i also noticed he is gaining wait n i though it was from the high protien dog food so i weined him off it…he is a lab/pit/sheltie mix

  11. Hi , Dr. Jones my dog injured her left Hock and the vet had her in a cast for one month . It stared smelling so called my vet and when they took the cast of her injurie didn't heal it turned into a medium size lump and she had Hot Spot on her paw.She wanted to put her down right there on the spot She said or we can amputate her leg. She kept repeating really you shoul put her down right now . I found her not very professional. She wouldn't even give me something for her Hot Spot

  12. I need to video call you and show my dog ! I live in mongolia i have dalmatian 3 y.o and i m so scared i think she has lupoma and here we dont have any good doctors pls help!

  13. Hi. I know this video is pretty old but still going to post. My 12 yr old dog has a major lump for several months at her rabies site. They want to surgery and the rabies manufacture wants to pay for it. It feels hard and not movable.. im scared to death..she is very healthy and the biopsy shows no bacteria. Idk what to do. Another diagnosis? Let it run its course?? Please help. She’s all I have.

  14. Just took my dog to vet. Bet said it has to be removed straight away and sent off for examination to rule out any cancer. Is this correct? Rottweiler 15 months old, with lump on the side of her foot. I think it’s come due to pressure from sleeping on a hard floor.

  15. I've been having a hard time getting into my vet lately (lack of open appointments) but I noticed a small oval shaped lump that seems to be right under my nearly 5 year old chipins skin, towards her back leg but closer to her belly. Its skin toned and moves when her skin moves, so it doesnt seem to be attached to anything. It's been about six months and looked slightly larger today. Having a hard time figuring out if it's just lipoma.

  16. can I put the tea leaved into her raw food along with vit E – she's already getting spirulina/kelp/hemp oil, yogurt and green lip mussels. She is a garbage gut on walks or around baseball field concession stands and coffee shops. She is not super overweight but at 11 y.o. she's growing adenomas and lipomas all over her. I have the adenomas removed but the lipomas are new. Not huge, maybe her diet is keeping them smaller that they could be?

  17. My pug isx14 years old and he has tumor on the side of his neck behind his ear.bit seems to be on the hard side and he scratches it open where it bleeds quit a bit.bit seems to itch or bother him to the point of scratching at it and tearing it open. It's about the size of a gum ball machine ball. I know I need to take him in but I'm financially not able right now. What are the chances that it can be easily removed in surgery.

  18. I wonder if microneedling could help remove it over time? If it's holding toxins, trying to push out, perhaps the microneedling will help the toxins escape the surface.
    Microneedling is so simple and becoming widely known for treating multiple things.

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