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  1. Just give chews after dinner! I have 4 dogs that have great teeth because I feed raw mixed with some veggies and lighlty cooked meat sometimes. Goat milk has enzymes as well as moist food in general that help with the biome.

  2. In your Pet Health Secrets free download book you say that Cancer cells thrive on carbohydrates

    and proteins, but cannot grow as fast with fats. Certain veterinary diets have been

    designed for this, but you can also make your own low-carbohydrate, high-fat cancer diet." then is the Homemade Cancer Diet you say to "Cook the ground beef and drain the fat." This seems contradictory.

  3. So we shouldn’t feed our dog chicken breast. I feed her a little bit of kibble sometimes to put little bit chicken or turkey or pork or beef or fish. Then I add either carrots or broccoli, flower or brussels sprouts. I give her cramps, dental chews. I still find that her teeth are still little yellow and have plaque on them. I don’t think she’ll let me brush your teeth though. And I heard you said N&D weren’t bag, kibble food. I give her goats milk and it has that stuff in it like you said about natural factors, but I’m wondering if I should give her the natural factors I just give her plain goat milk?

  4. For Dogs (and cats) – Give your pet the food of it's distant ancestors.
    For Humans – Eat the food of your distant ancestors.

    Humans are eating Seed Oils, Sugars, Carbs and Processed Products and chronic illness abounds. Processed pet food is the same. THIS ISN'T ROCKET SCIENCE.

  5. My 5 yr old male dog (Moses) has been urinating on himself for the past 3 days now. Hes going #2 just fine.This dog is my whole life, we've been through everything together, including losing my husband November 2022. It's just him and I. It's gotten to the point of me buying him diapers. He doesn't act like he's in pain, he's eating fine, just sleeping a little more than usual. I'm on a fixed income (disability), and I don't even get paid until the 1st so I'm trying to do everything I can to find a solution or figure out what's wrong. I'm desperate, please I've searched everything and feel helpless and losing hope. I've walked my floors day and night praying and pleading. Please, Dr Jones, anyone, please help my baby.

  6. 🤎🐶🎁🎈🥳🧁🐶🤎
    I'm from NZ 🇳🇿 & its my beautiful dog's 14th Birthday today! 🎁 I'v had her since she was born, as I had her mother too. I wish I knew more about her teeth earlier on as now she wouldnt have hard Tartar & terrible breath. So I have a question: Would you put a dog at her age under Anesthetic? She has a growth on her chop/lip that may need removing if it starts to change & ulcerate. The vet said she would do blood tests to make sure her Kidney & Liver functions are good first before any surgery. My girl is healthy & active & I have her on "Ancestral Supplements" which have made an awesome difference in her mobility & energy! Highly recommended. I am deeply worried about her being put under Anesthetic though.😢 Can anyone help with info on maybe how to reduce the growth naturally? Iv heard Vitamin E cream might help. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.🐶🤎

  7. HARM! Feed your pets ACTUAL FOOD, which means MEAT, and maybe a few veg for dogs, and raw bones to chew on, THIS CLEANS THEIR TEETH, just like animals in the wild. Kibble is a scam people, and they want your pets sick so they can profit…its not hard. Its common sense. My dog has never been healthier on a raw meat diet, staying away from vets and hes the healthiest dog Ive ever had. No need for baths, toothbrushes, flea or tick poison, and bhes so happy and healthy❤ Chicken feet, chicken or duck necks and other bones are the best toothbrushes. How healthy would YOU be if you were forced to eat processed powerbars your whole life, with no real, fresh food????? That poor dog, going through all that mouth washing when she could simply eat REAL food with healthy raw bones and have a wonderful time doing it. The world is so far off course, it's insane.

  8. My dog is really obsessed with vegetables and I've noticed that feeding her leafy greens really helps clean her teeth. The crunchier the better. Napa cabbage and kale seem particularly good for this. Sometimes I'll hold the leaf so that she chews on it with both sides of her mouth. Probably also quite good for the microbiome, especially if it's home grown or locally grown in healthy soil.

    You know you can really trust someone when they're willing to admit they were wrong about something. Or admit they don't know. Wish that could be said of more vets

  9. I’m a believer in using coconut oil to brush teeth. I was getting my own teeth cleaned every 3 mos until I started using Hello toothpaste with coconut oil. Now I can go a year. I use coconut oil and baking soda for my dogs. Many thanks for the tip about Bob’s Red Mill.

  10. I feed my dog femur bones. I don’t care what anybody says. They love them and it keeps their teeth clean. I freeze them and they eat frozen ones. Don’t tell me there’s splinters because it’s never been a problem.

  11. Dr jones my son cat has a inner ear infection where she has a tilt head and she stagger when walking they called the vet but they can’t see her until the 20th. What can we do to help her for now the infection is leaking out of the ear now

  12. I raed you should never brush your dog's teeth with baking soda it's harmful for dogs if swallowed because it is highly alkaline, which makes it upsetting for canine stomachs and digestive tracts. And why apply staining green tea on fresh brushed teeth that are open to stains because you just brushed them?

  13. HELP!!!!!!! Can you give me some advice for my dog. I just had her at the vet and found out that she is In trouble. Her body is out of balance: potassium is extremely high, glucose is high, her liver enzymes are up, she’s been given prednisone but the vet has no other options for her. Do you have any herbal remedies for diabetes and potassium???

  14. My almost 12 year dog hates his face and feet touched. His eyes run so every night I use a washcloth to clean them. I also give him a small bit of coconut oil with dr. Jones' CBD oil. Since the damage has already been done to his teeth that's the best that I can do besides feeding no kibble and making his food myself. He also gets all natural freeze dried chicken breast treats for letting me do this.

  15. I love you Doc and I have a subscription for your wonderful CBD oil. I was surprised to see you recommend Proviable as it has titanium dioxide in it, which is banned in Europe and is bad stuff.

  16. My almost 12 year old Minpinzu ate kibble for 9 years. I stopped feeding him processed food and make my own after seeing your videos.

    Unfortunately the damage was done and he has lost many teeth.

    I encourage anyone that I know with pets to make their own food and to use your supplements. It has done wonders for my dog! I even have my son and his fiancée feeding it to their senior cat who needs to lose weight. Both pets absolutely love it. Thanks for all that you do!

  17. My 4 year old Fox Terrier has never needed his teeth cleaned because he eats a chicken foot for morning snack and one whole raw chicken leg or pork neck bone daily for one of his two meals a day. His other meal is home made ground meat, skin, bone and organs of beef, pork, chicken, fish, eggs, yogurt and modest amounts of vegetables/fruit like pumpkin, beets, etc.
    We have all been brainwashed to think we should feed our pets pet food. Pet food is a creation of large companies and since it can stay shelf stable for ever how heallth could it possibly be. Its like feeding you kids McDonalds for every meal. Grain is why humans and our pets are metabolically dysfunctional and diseased with rotten teeth. No other animals in nature are having health issues from their diet because no other animals are eating pure processed grain which promotes over population of bad bacteria.

  18. Oh thanks so much for this info. My Corgi Mix who we adopted at 12 y.o. is now almost 18 and has no prob biting you to show discontent (although he's a sweetie over all just scared). I'll try the elec toothbrush with your mix and the green tea. No way he'll let me scale and he had many chompers extracted so he can't eat crumps. All the best to ya on the West Coast!

  19. Can I give human probiotics, with adjustment dose off course, for my cat with gingivitis, or do you think Lactobacillus sp and Bifidus sp for human are different than cat’s, doctor Jones?

  20. And this is exactly why we respect and love you Dr. Jones! You continue to be open to new ideas and are a straight with us. I have learned soooooo much from you. Thank you!!

  21. I want to leave a comment. I have two cats who eat dry plus wet cat food. Both get hairballs, and up until recently, I did not have much success with Vaseline on their noses. Recently, From your advice, I bought slippery elm in capsules……each was 400 mg. After one full week of using the capsules once daily, each cat started vomiting over and over…..more liquid than anything. When both cats react in the same manner from the same thing, I get very suspicious. Sure would appreciate your input.

  22. Thank you thank you thank you I tried the scaling on my bassett's teeth. He let me do it I'll be giving him the coconut oil. Also to my cat who has the dental issues. My vet wanted to extract all her teeth I said no. I'll give them both probiotics also

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