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  1. Please I need your help I haven’t found any of your videos on this but I need help in figuring out a natural home remedy to get rid of Sialoceles in Dogs! My dog has one under his tongue that’s pretty big and I can’t afford surgery right now and I’m worried by the time I do have the money he might get infected. Please help!!!!☹️😢🙏🏼🙏🏼

  2. Help please.😥 dog 🤮 grass🌾. (I brush her teeth 5-6 week routine. ) She yelped in pain at pinky width upon mouth opening. She stopped barking. Vet in 27 hours. Drinks water cautiously. My Service Alert 🚨 Dog. Gave her dark raw honey & apple sauce. Neck is tender and she is 9 in 2 weeks. I’m so scared for her. Keeping her relaxed. Will check her mouth for the 3’rd time when I wash her face if dried tears. Saturday-Sunday unknown injury. Only thing I witnessed was smelling grass and told her to leave it. 8 hrs later she 🤮🌾 and now won’t bark, or let me open her mouth without A Terrified high indication of pain yelp. The idea of anesthesia at nine years old has me concerned. Her last blood work up was August 2021. She is UTD Veterinarian’ley speaking.🥼

  3. My pomeranian has not been eating well for 3 weeks…and I smell foul odor on her air and mouth.. I tried to cure her but its just hard coz she will bite…even I brought to the vet…she will bite too…I don't know what to do…please help…thank u..

  4. Dr. Jones, I have a family friend who has an 8 yr old, 4 lb Chihuahua who is having seizures. They took him to the vet and vet removed several teeth, but he says that the dog still has infected teeth. They have spent thousands on mainstream vet treatment that isn't working, also were giving phenyl barbital and antibiotics (I don't know which kind). I've got them giving him CBD oil for the seizures as of today, and to start dosing him with colloidal silver 3-4x a day for infection. Is there any other natural or homeopathic remedies that you can suggest that I could tell him?

  5. Doc Jones, what could be the cause of incessant drooling or licking. This has only happened a couple of times. I massage her gums and checked her teeth out to no avail. It goes away after a couple hours but I can’t figure out the cause. Got any ideas. Once I did find a blade of grass between her front teeth and this fixed the issue but any other time , nothing.

  6. My big black lab was sick, couldn't figure out what was wrong. Took him to the vet, several times, found nothing wrong. A low grade fever, but couldn't find anything out of the norm. Finally, miraculously, he came and sat down in front of me and opened his mouth for me, on his own! After inspection, I found a tiny ridge sticking out of his hard palate. A pair of needle-nose pliers revealed a nickle-sized piece of bone embedded in the roof of his mouth that was infected and causing a great deal of pain. Phew, stink-o! Poor guy was in agonizing pain for more than a month. This dog showed me splinters, seeds, and other doggie things that would get caught under his tongue, in his tongue, in his gums, etc. A flashlight and feeling with my fingers would often find the culprit. He would patiently let me pull them out.

  7. Saw that working at a vet in practice once, with a Dachshund, but it was a chicken bone. I was about to intubate the dog for surgery, opened it's mouth, caught a HORRENDOUS foul odor, looked inside, and a bone was wedged in between the teeth and actually caused a bad infection in the palate, rotting tissue away. :/ Turns out the owner's neighbor's kids were throwing chicken bones over the fence for the dog. :/ All ended well, after some antibiotics.

  8. One time our doxie got a bone stuck in his buckle. It was jagged, had sharp edges. He wouldn't allow us to remove because it was huring so bad. He would try to bite when we tried to open his mouth to get it. We opened his mouth and use a potato to block, so we could get the bone. It worked. (no more bones)

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