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  1. To think that government intervention is the solution to this problem is quite naive. The reason why its a law in mexico in the first place because the populace views animals differently than in the states.

    In the states a lot see their animals as their own family, thus will be more protective on how they travel; thus the lack of need for a law regulating it.

  2. Y'all need to chill out a little. I have a 6 month old pitbull and I trained her to ride in the bed of my truck without a tie down. Dogs are a hell of a lot smarter than you think ( most of them anyway lol). And I drive up to 75 mph. When I go that fast she knows to lay down. When I'm in town its 40 mph and she puts her paws on the wheel well ang gets that good old wind in her face. She doesnt jump out at stop lights either. If your dog is trained correctly they are fine to ride in the bed without a tie down. I mean come on, I'm 21. If I can do it with a stubborn pitbull puppy, you can too.

  3. Dogs are perfectly fine in the back of a truck bed if kenneled or restrained PROPERLY… some people don't test their cross restraints, know how much distance they should be allowed and/or know HOW TO DRIVE. 2 Saint Bernards – THEY ARE FINE.

  4. A dog in the passenger compartment in any accident is like a flying missile. They are more likely to be killed violently hitting the windshield or slamming against the interior or even passengers. My dogs ride in the back of my truck all the time… they love it. They're also republicans so there not pussies either.

  5. People have a hard enough time paying attention to their driving w/ cell phones & distractions inside their cars. Accidents happen. It’s not worth the risk, and if you don’t see it as a risk, you are overconfident & shouldn’t be in possession of an animal at all…much the less one in your vehicle (inside or out). And if an animal is having trouble in the back, how should they let you know there is a problem…Tap on the glass? Ugh….

  6. One day while driving to work on a busy Sacramento freeway, Interstate 5, I actually saw a dog who was untethered in the back of a pick-up truck fly out and hit the ground at a fast speed.  It was a scene I can never forget. This was in the 1980's so maybe there are laws in California against this now.  More recently, I know of another situation where a dog climbed out of a rear window while the car was going at a normal highway speed.  The person driving left the window down but never thought something like this could happen.  This dog survived but with a noticeable limp and hundreds of dollars in vet care.

  7. I saw a dog in the back of a truck a few weeks ago and about had a heart attack cause the truck was going about 70 changing lanes then the dog proceeded to jump on the toolbox and I let out a slight scream covered my eyes and told my husband not to tell me if it falls out, then looked back at my precious Molly in the back seat and cried, cause people just don't care about their pets. Sorry Dr. Jones but I don't have the heart to listen to this video, hurts to much.

  8. I don't even need to watch this video your dog could see something to chase and jump and on impact your dog will be airborne causing serious injury or death.

  9. I agree. There should be more legislation for animal welfare! By the way that dog in the video looks similar to my mom's dog who sadly passed away. 🙁 Except the dog in this video has much lighter colored fur. Beautiful dog!!

  10. When I was a youngun I worked at a shop that had a view of a busy highway. Day after day, I got to see first hand dogs jumping out of the backs of pickups! It didn't matter whether the driver stopped at a light or was flying down the highway at 65 mph! Out a dog would jump. It was horrible! Why on Earth would someone be so ignorant?! If there's legislation against kids in the beds of pickups there should be legislation against dogs traveling this way!

  11. They should be in the truck with the driver. There needs to be testing about restraints, the effect of the air bag on a dog. Seems those would be extremely dangerous. In the back. Yes chance of jumping out , being thrown out , restrained if truck rolls dog rolls loose he might be able to. Jump free. 50/50. Who knows.

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