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  1. I just tried making this using the recipe in the article linked. Thoughts:

    The article says bake for 7 to 8 mins. Idk if my oven just runs colder or that recipe writer fucked up because it definitely tales more than 8 minutes.

    The biscuit/sponge cake is extremely delicate and fragile. It will break if you try to move it around more than you should.

    You can do without the gelatin in the mousse. Just chill the cream.

  2. This Bûche is very good. I adjusted the sugar ratios for the mousse and the ganache to my liking, as well as added a bit more whipped cream to the mousse. It was divine. Merci au Chef Ansel et à Muchies 🙂

  3. Another classic topping for the bûche is to make meringue mushrooms with some cocoa powder on top or holly leaves in chocolate (you cover holly leaves in chocolate, let it harder and then take the leaves off) ☺️

  4. Chef 🤨 !
    Mais qu'est-ce que c'est que ça ?
    A simple Chocolat Yule Log 😔 … I'm not angry only disappointed.
    I was expecting something at the level of Meilleur Du Chef youtube channel or Justincooking .

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