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  1. GOD returned me to show the world that THC gives my brain the ability to produce the base stem cell that travels in blood going to 1 & 2 receptor's that get turned into what is required.

    Would that not then make having blood with THC in it more desirable in hospitals ?

    HEMP will restore EARTH.

    Thank you GOD for returning me. Please help me getting information out.



    On 08-30-2008 I Had the worst motor bike wreck with no helmet on to survive in MONTANA. I died 3 times in life flight. It crushed my chest breaking all my ribs Many Times, putting ribs into both lungs, shattered pelvic bone in 5 pieces. I was in an 87 day coma, waking with a registered 5.5 brain injury.

    I was told that THC saved my brain from lack of oxygen. Smoking Marijuana is opening my airway to accept oxygen. And the biggest is MARIJUANA is healing my brain.

    It is THC-A that gives my brain what is needed to MAKE new CELLS.

    MARIJUANA was used to make HEMP illegal .

    ~ It can HEAL humans, humanity, economy, EARTH'S ATMOSPHERE .

    CARBONS are killing clouds. HENRY FORD proved "oil" fuel exhaust made them in 1927. That is why he made 60,000 cars run on HEMP fuel in 1942, with 0 carbon output.

    It has been EARTHS health!

    HEMP takes 4 times the CARBONS to grow than trees. . HEMP revitalized the SOIL, puts off more OXYGEN than trees.



  2. I tried beneficial insects. I bought lacewing eggs and ladybugs and a mantis egg. None either hatched or woke up. Maybe they were mishandled before I got them because I did what was directed. This year has been kinda clear of insect activity. I usually have an aphid problem by now and they can be "pinché bastardos!" But I put my 65gal smart pots on wooden pallets and sprayed the ground around for ants. I haven't seen any ants and only 2 male aphids so far. I have 6 weeks to go on the ice cream cake and 7-8 weeks for Slurricane and 4 or 5 weeks for Sunset Sherbet. I tried Flying Skull Nuke Em last night as a preventative measure along with Pyganic, Grandevo and Regalia in rotation IPM. The Pyganic is not to be used after week one of flower but the Grandevo and Regalia can be used during flower and so can Nuke Em. Nuke Em can be used up to the day of harvest and after. I know sounds weird but it supposed to be safe with no affect on taste or smell. I read that it can save one from powdery mildew lab test after harvest too. Thank you for the video guys👍 happy growing y'all.

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