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  1. I don't know if this is ok to post here but we could use some help. It started when we found a few sick kittens and all shelters and rescues are overflowing and couldn't help. My husband and I decided to step in and help as many as we could ourselves (working on getting a rescue licence) but it gets very expensive with us paying for everything out of pocket. If anyone could donate to help with vetting and everything please donate to my go fund me. Anything is a huge help. With a little help we can make a difference and save lives!

  2. hey doc, looks like at 44mg of phenobarbitol per day, at current prices, i can treat my cats seizers for about 33 cents per day. Using the cbd oil, looks like it will cost $1.00 to $2.00 per day depending on what mg it takes. Not sure i can afford the 1 to 2 dollars a day. I wonder if there is a decent cbd oil out there that will work that can be less than a dollar a day? Thanks

  3. Hi, Dr. Jones. Sweet cat! I would PLEASE help me, I need to know if Poly-MVA is SAFE for pets! I have purchased TWO bottles and noticed Palladium Lipoic Acid Complex (PdLA) is the most active ingredient. I finally looked up Palladium online and I have read it is poison and very toxic and it is NOT TO BE CONSUMED! I don't understand the science with Palladium Lipoic Acid Complex and there is not a lot of information about it either except what this company claims. I need a 2nd opinion and thought about you. Can you please HELP me?! I trust you as a person and a holistic veterinarian. You really care about animals. Poly-MVA is for pets and people. Poly-MVA is taken for cancer patients and I was told is a powerful supplement to help with other illnesses and to prevent cancer and other diseases. Today as you know you have to be careful what companies you can trust as I understand you already know this. PLEASE LET ME KNOW AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. God bless and THANK YOU.

  4. "Reverse sneeze" my Alaskan Malamute Sojou suffers from hay fever and sounds similar to your recording. The smoke definitely could be the cause. I rub her nose with coconut oil and give her a teaspoon of coconut oil to ingest and find that helps too. Thanks for sharing the other remedies Dr. Jones

  5. Murray is just a jolly grouchy cat 🐈 he reminds me of my Flaxseed well here my Apple throwing up from the harsh pollen and city pollution hair balls , that’s okay because he will 14 August 25 2018 so he must be just his usual self me I suffer until pollen season humidity goes away right after the holidays I feel 👍

  6. I developed wheezing and sneezing and so did all of my cats.
    It was from the “dust free” litter!
    Now I buy dr elsey’s precious cat and we have not had a problem since.
    Although…I now wear a mask whenever cleaning/changing litter just in case.
    So sorry for all of the fires and smoke.

  7. Sneezing, hacking, runny eyes and nose, tired, headache and nausea. Doing all as suggested for my dogs and myself (my hairballs are almost all gone 8-} . Gotta smile, right?) and we have been able to avoid these unpleasantries – so far. The smoke is getting thicker here in S CO, and the symptoms will be harder to avoid. I'm also washing out our eyes with green tea, resting more often, and praying for those in worse conditions.

  8. Oh wow. Hope you both feel better soon. 🐈💗🙎My cat and me both have bad allergies. The smoke is very damaging for me too. I have one neighbor that burns his garbage I stay inside when he does. Great video. Thank you for sharing. God Bless you.

  9. the fires isn't that close to you now is it? I will pray for you that the Lord will cause the winds to cause the fire to go around you without any harm towards your way and will not come to you and your precious animals, and placing your Angels surrounding you from inhaling any smoke that would cause any danger to you … . Thank you Jesus for hearing my pray. to give you Lord Glory and Honor and Praise as the my prayer hits into the your Holy Angels .

  10. Thank you Dr. Jones, great video, even though so scary & so heartbreaking for to many people, animals etc. please stay safe all around bud. I also live with a lot of smoke & own 2 feral cats that will not stay inside, as they are in & out cats, any positive ways to keep them in for safety please? Take care…

  11. HI Doc.
    My dog was bitten by a black deer tick sometime in her life, she is only 3 and three months . she has been proclaimed she now has lyme disease that would be in humans …. is there any home remedy that i could give her than the monthly dosage that my vet suggested? She is now informing very much of what it can do. I had to investigate this disease myself.
    What i found is very frightening, She almost died. she is my Service Dog, so you can see she is very important to me plus I do love her very much… she my right hand girl… 🙂

  12. Ive found my dogs lovee eating cannabis leaves. The water leaves. Not the sugar leaves with all the THC on them. There are lot of people saying eating /juicing the leaves are healthy & have helped some people get over terminal illnesses.

  13. My dog has been hacking & coughing a lot lately too. . And she also got hot spot a few days ago. I think it’s from the nasty 100°+ weather & daily dim brown smoked filled sky from all the fires here in Cali.

  14. Smoke. They say stay low in smoke. Wheezing use an albuterol inhaler. Seasonal allergies get worse the older you are. I used cur cumin once and had increased pain at night. Like it woke me up several times. I'm afraid to try it again.

  15. Doc, I live in N. Florida, this was the first year in probably 7 or 8 there hasn't been fires, swamp or forest, from a drought. We've had so much rain this year, my Asthma was only from allergies. My 4 pound Chihuahua just went on allergy meds for allergies too, for as soon as she steps outside, she has to stop and back sneeze and hack. Thank you for the ideas today, will try instead of prescription pills, she's on home made no fat food due to her pancretitis flareups. I'm going to rewatch this for all your ideas. Wish I could send you some rain!

  16. dr. Jen I have a miniature dachshund it's about 11 years old and I was wondering can I give him fish oil or something natural for his joints and pain every once in awhile he gets a little bit achey and his back legs and he had a back operation when he was about 5 years old so can I give him fish oil and if so how much

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