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  1. Very interesting – I recently had the same procedure recommended to me and was wondering what it was all about! I am sorry you did not record the soccer game comments about the bandage!

  2. you may want to take horse chestnut herbal to ingest and put on, because with age there will be more and it is supposed to help that along with palmegranit. worth looking into.

  3. Dr. Jones:
    I am in your situation. Then your video guided me to what I will be having pretty soon. Could you explain to me why they have to take out the vein? Why if is circulatory system could continue working fine without that important major vein?

  4. Yep great video Dr . Jones to show the side of human medicine too! And that people need not be afraid to get minor things looked at. Often keyhole surgery, injections of steroids or getting radiation/chemotherapy can do the job in a non invasive way that conventional serious surgery had been doing. It's right to accept the most sensible and accessible form of treatment for any condition.
    Best wishes for your recovery.

  5. Dr. Jones – Thanks for sharing your own personal surgical experience. I found it fascinating. Hope you are feeling better and will share the healing process as well.

  6. "Very" interesting Dr Andrew! Thank you for being the guinea pig. Now think I'm going to get it done. I was afraid of it but now I'm not. Blessings💝 Don't forget to keep us informed about how your doing!😉

  7. My Love And Blessings to you. Quick Healing. I was very fortunate. My Mother Had terrible thick veins. They weren't passed to me. This will help many who are not aware this surgery is available. Bless your heart you look a little loopy.😄 Thank goodness your hair looks good. lol lol lol💖

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