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  1. LOL, you're too funny Dr. Jones. Love the recreation bit.
    I've been through this same diarrhea scenario with my dachshund Bailey. Usually because he ate something he shouldn't have. Before I discovered your channel. I searched around, and found a natural remedy for diarrhea for pets and people. You boil water rice and carrots, and drink the broth. Getting him to drink it was the challenge. I did take his food away, and finally he drank some, and low and behold, it did work. Poor guy was miserable. Listening to your description, I believe he had the large bowel diarrhea. Can you explain the clinical reason why this rice and carrot combination works? Just interested. I have got to get me some of that diatomaceous earth. I hear nothing but good things about it. Sorry for the wordy post.

  2. OMG. Two weeks ago we had the same problem . On the top of the story is that all night was raining which I truly appreciate since we don't have enough rain in California. However, it made everything more difficult and we got soaked each time🐶😞🌧

  3. Thanks for extremely helpful video. My boy and I have suffered some long nights recently, from your description I think large bowel. This is new development, but as the vet here in not at all helpful, always wants to prescribe an antibiotic, I'm left to figure it out myself. Besides these episodes he is a healthy 13 year old bulldog. I will try your suggestions, thanks.

  4. No matter what I do with one of my dogs, nothing works. he always has explosive diarrhea. I have clean my rug many times. he is an American bully. I currently feed my dogs an all raw diet and I give them more bone to make their stool more firm. 3 out of the 4 are actually in better standing than Zeus(the one I have an issue with).

    when I first got him, the kid had him on really cheap food. His stool was not firm even then, so I changed his food and put him blue wilderness…(beef), his stool still no good, changed it to fish, still no good, grain free… when I switched his food, his hair started falling out in patches… he looked so bad, itching like crazy… doctor gave me medicated shampoo. it worked. he still itches a lot and I think he's still got some sort of allergy but don't know what.
    I'm at a loss here, he doesn't have parasites because all of them would be pooping everywhere. stool was good for 2, so they all should be fine.
    he's healthy as per the vet, but I tried everything. pumpkin, sweet potatoes, very rarely does he have a firm stool. This is killing me, I can't figure out if it's allergies, or he's very anxious/nervous and that's what's causing his bowel issues.
    what they currently eat**
    raw organic turkey (ground)
    raw organic chicken (ground/breast/and cooked sometimes)
    beef liver/beef heart/chicken gizzards.
    1 or 2 raw chicken legs with bone.

    I have him using a slow feeder now to stop him from eating so fast. smh, he's like a walking garbage disposal.

    any ideas, what I should look for?
    He's a very peppy dog, and he looks very healthy but the constant diarrhea is NOT good for any animal as it can cause deficiency.
    rarely ever do I see blood in his stool or mucus. so I'm at a loss here.

  5. Hahahahaha!!! Your speed up videos totally crack me up!. Thank you for this wonderful video. It will help me the next time my Ashy girl has it! I usually give her Organic pumpkin, makes her go more for a little bit, but it cleans her out, and she's good to go. I'm going to try the diatomaceous earth seems very good. I might take it myself!!! When I was a little kid my mom would give me a whole bottle citrate magnesia to blast out whatever was causing it. LOL….
    Try making the dandelion coffee, it tastes pretty close. It will also help your grumpiness!!! LOL I just love you to pieces, wish you were my son. Blessings!❤

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