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  1. Dr Jones? Which remedy cleared up the diarrhea? One of my Pugs had a adverse reaction to new organic grain free biscuits that contain, peppermint, parsley fennel & spirulina. Her diet consists of raw meat/ veggies and powdered nutrient. (which all 3 Pugs are thriving on), but 2 of those biscuits wreaked havock on her poor tummy & bum . Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  2. You always seem very authentic to me, very real. I really enjoy your personality and you are a great reference for natural remedies, which I am all about. I admire you for sticking to your principles – at great cost to yourself. Keep doing your thing and don't let any negative comments get under your skin. So many of us truly appreciate you!!!
    I ordered your new supplement today!

  3. I just had to say – I've watched you almost since you started on YouTube. I have had the priviledge of having a vet 15 years ago that was very similar to you. She thought outside of the box. She got me started on handling a lot of my pets care myself instead of running to her about everything. She worked with me to help me learn to trust myself when it came to my pets. I was using essential oils before they became popular. I haven't vaccinated an animal in over 25 years. People think I'm nuts. But I also know how much healthier my pets have been. I had a pit bull that was rescued from a dog fighting ring where she had been used as a bait dog. Sweetest dog e-v-e-r! She lived to be 18 years old. At the end her back-end had given out & she had cancer but still had the best disposition I have seen in a dog. I am getting away from my point…

    YOU are an amazing vet. You think outside of the box. You are willing to take chances. You aren't shoving pharmaceuticals down people's throats. You try to make animals lives better. As a result you are making people's lives better. You've got this! You are doing EXACTLY what you're intended to do. That said – you're also human. Humans make mistakes. It's a part of life. To be honest I would be more concerned if you tried to act perfect all the time. No one is perfect. No one. (Well, there is Jesus. But that's another topic for another place!) Just keep doing what you're doing. You've got this! 😀

  4. You are a Wonderful Person…. NO ONE KNOWS EVERYTHING….We can only do our best to help others………. Bless you. As the other comment says we love you the way you are and I love your honesty…… Nothing like the truth… You win some you loose some… That's life…. Keep up the good work… Tons of love to you and your family… XX

  5. My dog suffers from digestive problems, no matter what I feed him. I've noticed it does get worse when he is stressed out or a difference in schedule. Vet checked many times, food changed, etc. Maybe just a nervous tummy? The struggle continues.

  6. I can relate to Tula's troubles. We have a cocker spaniel poodle cross, 13 years old now. From a young age he's had a sensitive stomach and digestive system. Never handled switching to new brands/foods without diarrea, no matter how healthy and organic. If given raw bones he'll eat them with relish and then throw it all up. Maybe the poodle gene … ?

  7. I think the non edited stuff is far better. I don't edit at all,so if my dog is screwing up during training then I show it. It is a process after all. I just been through an awful time with my 12 year old Service Dogs tummy. Blood panel clear scan clear. Yet she was vomiting 8to 10 hours later. Vet put her on Omeprazole 20mg . I'm using raw goats milk keefer stopped feeding raw and put her back on her Forthglade wet 90% meat food .Just Chicken. Despite severe arthritis I've upped her exercise and after a week she is doing much better. None of us are right all the time 🙂

  8. I'm sure everyone agrees how much we appreciate your Transparency Andrew. I would like to see you answering some of the viewers General questions. I know this can be a conflict in some areas but your general opinion would be great.

  9. My dog Spanky he's an English Bulldog. I have have him on grain free, salmon weight control for several years now. It is the Fromm brand. Could you suggest another brand for me to try? Thank you. Your green tea and vinegar has completely healed his itchy, scalely areas on his back completely. He has had this problem for most of his seven years of life. The Vet would give him all kinds of antibiotics and steroids over and over. His coat is now beautiful!!!

  10. Dr. Jones, I found your channel when my dog was diagnosed with cancer in early 2017. My dog has already passed away but I still watch your channel even though I don't have a dog anymore. I continue to watch because you're knowledgeable and truly genuine.

  11. Please FDA only tests Raw as it’s a threat to big business.. hey doc ever dumped that bag into a clear bag, the grain is so toxic, humans wear meters to ensure they don’t get sick from inhaling toxic grain, shady business practices in the grain business

  12. I tell people that I know the new world is being born on YouTube and as such it truly is revolutionary.  By new world I mean God's Peaceable Kingdom being born upon this Earth where the lion lies down with the lamb and peaceful, loving, humane interactions between animals and people are the norm not the exception.  Lately I have been spending time watching Hope for Paws videos on YouTube and the dedication of Eldad Hagar and other volunteers who are out there night and day crawling through garbage heaps and sewers to rescue dogs who have been thrown away.  The stories of Jordan and Miley have restored my faith. Perhaps because for many years I have "rescued" cats and dogs these videos are inspiring for me to watch.    Certainly my rescue efforts are small compared to Hope for Paws.  One of the most famous Hope for Paws videos shows a small dog they named "Jordan" who was strangled and then thrown 30 feet down into the L.A. river which has a cement bottom after having his leg cut off by an abusive homeless man.  The video shows Jordan sitting on a small plastic Dorito bag shivering with his head held down and extremely weak from his horrific abuse, bleeding out from his cut-off leg.  One of the other rescue agencies in the Los Angeles area (where I was born and grew up until age 9) called Eldad to go down 30 feet by ladder to get Jordan out of the cement river bottom to safety.  It is a monumental video and a testament of how this little innocent life could be treated so badly by one abusive  person and then rescued by Eldad and other extremely caring individuals and now  Jordan's life is on a pathway to recovery and healing.  Truly inspiring!   A few years ago I bought a large bag of all vegetarian dog food and my toy poodle Sassy took like two bites and never touched it again.  It became crow food.  Cannot wait until your webinar and to hear about your new supplement!

  13. I just have to say that I am beyond blessed and lucky to have found you! I’m not sure you realize how amazing you really are so, dear fine sir, you are amazing. 🙂

  14. What u bring is suggestions and education on topics all us pet owners value. That said varying the food and supplements and what food to provide is top most on my mind. Looking forward to your webinar tonight for that reason!!!

  15. I was looking into alternative ways to feed my pack. I spend about $175 per month on dog food. This doesn't include treats or meat. I was wondering if I could use that $175-$200 to purchase fresh meat, vegetables and your advanced canine supplement and make their food at home. I was wondering if dehydrating the meat would be as beneficial as raw? I don't have electricity or refrigeration so keeping raw meat on hand past two-three days isn't doable. The grocery is 100 miles away. There is no going to the grocery every few days either. I have much research to do. We do the best we can do everyday. Whether for our families or our pets. It is all we can do. Perfection is not required. 😀👣🐩🐾

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