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  1. I saw my veterinarian that I was working for not my veteri was a I groomer there. A 13 year old Poodle male presented with a little cough. So the veterinarian that I worked for Decided it was close enough for him to have his shots gave him 11 different vaccines at once while he was sick and his immune system was compromised a bit he was 13 on top of that and he came back in the next day they'd spent the whole night at the emergency room with him and he died right there in front of us and she was just like well it was a very bad bronchial infection he probably had pneumonia No way he had pneumonia and I saw that happened numerous times especially on older dogs So listen to doctor Jones please.

  2. The only reason puppies need to get multiple of the same vaccinations is because their mother’s antibodies can actually kill the vaccination and then then their mother’s antibodies wear off leaving the puppy unprotected. The antibodies can run out anywhere from 6-8 weeks old all the way up to 16 weeks old. Parvovirus and distemper are very quick killers so it’s better to be safe than sorry and keep puppies vaccinated every 3-4 weeks and once they’re 16 week titer them to make sure they’re still protected.

  3. I didn't think i was gonna like this video by the way it started out but I approve! No word of a lie any pet I've had that has been vaccinated died within a year of some sort of illness they were supposed to have been vaccinated for!

  4. I rescued 2 dogs from the shelter that got extremely sick after so many vaccinations. Upon bringing them home, and being around my other fur babies, who are unvaccinated,they also became extremely sick and almost died. What caused this??Well, Thank God that He answered my prayers and my babies were saved through holistic route.

  5. that's wild. my vets have never done that many.

    she gets like 3. including the rabies then their boosters.

    maybe whoever is doing all those depends on where they live. like lime disease would be good for a working dog who's outside all the time with livestock. ticks can be a huge issue for them.

    but I've had dogs my whole life and I have never been offered all that for any of them

  6. Thank you so much. I lived in Europe for five years and have rescue/handicapped dogs from there. Every vet I went to in Europe criticized the US for the amount of over vaccinating we do here on dogs. I agree it’s too much for dogs.

  7. Nearly 20 years ago my horses' vet (we called him Dr. Q cause his name was so long!) was recommending that dogs and cats NOT be given so many yearly vaccines – or the optional jabs that were not a problem in our area. He said that while our companion pets 'may' catch one of these viri, you could be sure that they would develop cancer from the excessive vaccines being given year after year. That vets were discussing among themselves how the vaccines were causing cancer. The veterinary schools and certifying boards are now 'owned' by big pharma, just like the AMA and the state medical boards and schools are. I hope a reckoning comes soon.

  8. OMG people! Stop with the vaccines! Force your vet to titer first. Local vet here charges $400 each test. Proof they are too irresponsible to titer test, and don't care if your pet is in need of the vax or not. They should offer inexpensive titer if they care about your dog's health. No need to vax after puppy shots most of the time. They are ripping you off and overvaxing your dogs! Wake up!!! They care about their bank account, NOT YOUR PET!!

  9. 100 percent. A lot of these doctors are like robots. Anytime there's monetary gain, you have to always question their intent. Don't forget this is a business.

  10. As a veterinary homeopathic practitioner I agree with this advice 100%. Depending on your area and the endemic diseases around, and whether or not you can find a good holistic or homeopathic vet, you can decide which vaccines are actually needed. My dogs only get a rabies vaccine every 4 or 5 years. For the last 20 years two of them lived long, full lives,and now I have 3 seniors and 2 youngsters, all doing fine. Thanks, doc.🙂

  11. Parvo is only needed in the SE region
    It’s in the ground here. Puppies die around 3 mos when their moms antibodies no longer come thru her milk as she weans them. It’s a very sad thing that requires tons of effort and meds to counter and they may still die. Most ppl just don’t have the money and the puppies suffer a few horrible days and die.

  12. Absolutely. Vaccines do help prevent diseases, but they also have potential side effects, some severe. The rational thing (and I always appreciate you for your rational fact-based advice) is to give the vaccines where the value of protection is worth the risk. Rabies is one, because there's likely no cure. Distemper and parvovirus, I feel my dog needs also.

    But every dog owner needs to do their own research instead of trusting industry vets, because a lot of them are paid to upsell these vaccines. And a lot of vaccines have a longer efficacy period than what's in the label, which is why antibody titers are a good alternative to blind boosting.

    Anyway, I appreciate you. A sane, honest, and balanced medical professional. Rare these days

  13. We vaccinate our dogs for rabies not only because we legally have to but also because we live in the country where rabies is more common and so are wildlife encounters. But how much does the rabies vaccine protect the dog? I hear they can still be infected. Anyone know?

  14. Always follow the money. I didn't want all those shots the second yr around. I had to have the rabie shot it's the law I was told. But the rest are not. I figured the dog still had antibodies for last yrs shots. Vet said there was a test they can do but it costs $320. Most people don't do it & get talked into the rest of those shots. The lab called about a week later & said the dogs antibodies were still in range. I knew it.

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