Drugs, Skate & Violence: Filmmaker Harmony Korine | Epicly Later'd


Harmony Korine has spent his life disrupting traditional cinema with his provocative films. What most people don’t know is that first …

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  1. Love how no one talks about him being a pedophile this is not skateboarding it’s a fuckin creep with money making his way into a culture that will except anybody who helps them financially or thinks being edgy is the right move the only thing in this whole interview that had anything about skateboarding was mentioning “ memory screen”

  2. I took my college girlfriend on a first date to see kids..within 5 min the teen sex scene happened..people got up and walked out of the theater…I remember being so freaking embarrased while the girl got pounded by Tele..my face had to b red the whole time..thanks Harmony! Lol

  3. I first saw kids when I was 14 in 2002, it was already a cult classic but it was in my stack of dvds, i think its one of the only dvds that has made it through all the moves, im 34 now so its been 20 years. This really reminds me of the difference in attutiude from now, we had camera phones but couldnt record on most of them, and even if you could record uploading online required good internet, large hard drives and dedication. I miss when everything wasnt constantly being recorded, and not having to constantly tell people "thats cool but yeah thats fake" all the time

  4. shut up vice you retards know nothing about anime and manga you talentless hacks nothing wrong with it the only 1s that something wrong them is you freaks because you sjws are fanatic nutjobs who hate everything and want to take peoples fun away you are a colt and nothing more

  5. Thank you for capturing the perfectly imperfect perfectly, It makes me so happy that I am not alone in my thinking.True art.They have the feel of true freedom, thank you for taking me along for the ride.l can't skate much anymore because I broke both ankles but your series brings so much back!

  6. Harmony is a fascinating filmmaker. I give him props for having (as far as I know) the only “official” American Dogme 95 film, while also being able to say he directed James Franco, Matthew McConaughey etc. and Gummo is perfection

  7. This is kind of sad because all them kids that were in that movie are all f*** up and they had half of America program to think that that kind of s*** was okay I was one of those kids that fell victim to that s*** trust me the movie ruined my f**** life along with the other s*** that the cabal produced

  8. I still remember watching kids on VHS in like 95 or 96, it was almost exactly like how I was or was going to be as a young teen. I remember hanging out with a pair of skaters that were brothers that were exactly like Telly and Casper. Every time I see or hear Kids mentioned it takes me down memory lane.

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